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NSLS-II Proposal Review

NSLS-II is a highly optimized 3rd generation synchrotron facility and is scheduled to start science-commissioning operations in early 2015 with an initial suite of seven beamlines: Hard X-ray Nanoprobe (HXN), Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS), Coherent Hard X-ray Scattering (CHX), Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering and Polarization (CSX-1 and CSX-2), Sub-um Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy (SRX), and X-ray Powder Diffraction (XPD). These beamlines are now accepting general user proposals.

In addition, we recognize the potential for contributions from the scientific and industrial community to significantly enhance both NSLS-II beamline development and operations, and thus encourage interested user groups to become partner users of the facility. According to the NSLS-II User Access Policy (.pdf), partner users may request, and if approved, receive a certain percentage of the available beam time on a beamline in recognition of their contributions. We have received 6 partner user proposals in this current round.

The Partner User Proposals can be for any beamline(s) currently under various phases of design and construction at NSLS-II. More information on the initial suite of NSLS-II beamlines, as well as on all NSLS-II beamlines under development, can be found at

All NSLS-II First Experiments Proposals, General User Proposals, and Partner User Proposals will undergo rigorous scientific merit reviews via the NSLS-II Proposal Review Panel (PRP). The NSLS-II PRP consists of a group of well-known scientists from the community with relevant expertise in specific fields of research. Current membership can be found here.

The PRP meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 22, 2015.