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Macromolecular Crystallography Program at SSRL

September 30, 2014 marked the end of operations of the NSLS. While NSLS-II beam lines are being constructed and commissioned we plan to support users at the SSRL.

For FY16 all active NSLS proposals can request beam time on beam line 14-1 at SSRL without the need for submitting a new proposal.  The SSRL operates between November and August. SSRL supports remote access; if this is the mode of your choice please let us know in the comment line in your beam time request.  

To request beam time at SSRL, you will need to register as an SSRL user at:

Use the following guideline to help you though the registration process:

If you are the PI or Project Champion select "to submit a proposal".

If you are a team member choose "to collaborate on a proposal". 

Select “Interim NSLS User”

step 1 image

The SSRL User Office will email your SSRL ID number within 1-2 days. if you do not hear from them, please email the User office at:

►Login with your username and password at

Scroll down and select “Submit or Edit SSRL proposals” (see below):

step 3 image

Select “Macromolecular Crystallography (PX) Proposal”.

Type in the title of your proposal.

Question: Are you submitting this proposal to SSRL because of the transition between NSLS-I and NSLS-II?" "YES"

Select Research Review Panel – “Bio…”

Select beam line, “14-1, PX Restricted Range MAD & Mono” 14-1. (Energy range for this beam line is 6 to 13 KeV). If you need anything else this can be discussed. Please contact one of the persons below.

Important: The proposal for this year should be just your abstract; also the pdf file to upload should only be your abstract.

No need for crystal information.

All other fields are self-explanatory. If you are going to access the beam line remotely please note in the "Feedback or Other Comments Related to this Proposal" box.  

Contacts: If you have any questions please contact Vivian Stojanoff at, (subject: NSLS Interim User), (631) 344-8375; or Sean McSweeney,, (631) 294-7665.