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NSLS-II User Guide

Data Management Policy

Users of the NSLS-II are responsible for meeting the requirements of their home institutions and research sponsors regarding management of experimental data and other digital information.  The user community and sponsoring organizations are very diverse with differing requirements.  As a result, it is not practical for the NSLS-II facility to provide long-term data retention and open access to all digital information collected at the facility.  

However, the NSLS-II is committed to providing facility users convenient and timely access to experimental data and metadata, and when possible will help facilitate the users’ needs in meeting their obligations.  Experimental data and metadata collected at the NSLS-II facility is temporarily stored on facility hardware either at the local beamline or at a centrally located storage facility.  The duration of this temporary storage will be determined by operating costs, but should be at least 1 year. 

In addition, in many cases the NSLS-II facility plans to provide access to analysis codes users may need to analyze the data collected at the facility.