NSLS-II Early Experiment Workshop: IXS Focused Session

October 1, 2013

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Scope and Purpose

The imminent development of a novel Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS) spectrometer at the NSLS-II IXS beamline with unprecedented contrast and an initial goal of 1 meV resolution presents new opportunities in the study of vibrational dynamics in liquids and disordered systems. The main purpose of this workshop is to discuss new ideas for the early science of the spectrometer, with the aim of identifying first experiments addressing key questions and grand challenges in these areas, taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the new instrument.

Topics for discussion include crossover behaviors between continuum and short wavelength dynamics in disordered materials, relaxation processes in soft matter, collective excitations in biological systems, phonons in single crystals, and surfaces and materials under extreme conditions. Furthermore, the possibility of pioneering experiments based upon the combination of IXS with complementary techniques, such as neutron scattering or time-resolved methods, will be explored.                                                                                                                                    

The workshop program will follow the same theme as the NSLS-II First-Experiments Workshop in August with invited presentations from leading researchers in the above areas and short presentations from workshop participants (title and short abstract required during registration). Ample discussion time will be allocated to identify a list of potential first experiments along with the corresponding research teams. 

Confirmed Invited Speakers:                                                                                                         

Tullio Scopigno, Universita’ La Sapienza, Italy
Alexsandr Chumakov, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France
Keith Nelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oleg Gang, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Alexei Sokolov, University of Tennessee
Sow-Hsin Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Maikel Rheinstädter, McMaster University, Canada
Ho-Kwang Mao, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Jung-Fu "Afu" Lin, University of Texas at Austin
Yuri Shvyd'ko, Argonne National Laboratory

Local Organizing Committee:

Alessandro Cunsolo, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Clement Burns, Western Michigan University
Yong Cai, Brookhaven National Laboratory