NSLS-II First-Experiments Workshop


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See the November/December 2013 SRN article on the First Experiment Workshop


Parallel Sessions Presentations:
Coherence, Dynamics, and Polarization (CHX, CSX-1, CSX-2)
Combined Multi-length Scale Techniques for 21st Century Science (HXN, SRX, XPD)


In order to facilitate discussions on first experiments with the broad scientific user community, an NSLS-II First-Experiments Workshop will be held at Brookhaven National Laboratory, August 12-13, 2013. This two-day Workshop will consist of both plenary and parallel sessions. The Plenary Session will start with talks on grand-challenge science topics in several key research fields, followed by facility presentations to update the community about the early scientific capabilities at the initial suite of NSLS-II beamlines. Two parallel sessions on Monday afternoon will focus on Coherence, Dynamics, and Polarization (CHX, CSX-1, CSX-2) and on Multi-scale Imaging and Characterization (HXN, SRX, XPD). Tuesday’s agenda will include 6 parallel sessions that will permit each of the project beamline development groups to explore first experiment ideas with the user community.  (The IXS development group will hold a separate focused session on October 1, 2013.)   

The parallel sessions are designed to provide forums to facilitate more detailed discussions about potential first experiments at specific beamlines and the formation of the experiment teams. Specifically, each parallel session group will be charged to: 

·       Identify key research projects and the associated first experiments that may be conducted at the initial suite of NSLS-II beamlines, emphasizing those projects that will take advantage of NSLS-II properties  

·       Facilitate the formation of research teams to generate First Experiment Proposals for submission  

·       Identify key additional team members in such areas as theory and analysis, ancillary measurements, and specimen preparation, needed to achieve the research goals.  

Confirmed invited speakers: Sunil Sinha (Univ Callifornia – San Diego), Gayle Woloschak (Northwestern Univ), John Sarrao (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Harald Reichert (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), Ian Robinson (Univ College London), Robert Leheny (Johns Hopkins Univ), Mark Sutton (McGill Univ), Oleg Shpyrko (Univ Callifornia – San Diego), David Pine (New York Univ), Gerard Wong (Univ California – Los Angeles), Simon Billinge (Columbia Univ), Derk Joester (Northwestern Univ), Ester Takeuchi (Stony Brook Univ), Wenge Yang (Carnegie Institution of Washington, ANL), Michael Short (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ben Twining (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences), Ralph Nuzzo (Univ of Illinois), Peter Sutter (Brookhaven National Laboratory).

The expected outcome from this Workshop is two-fold: (a) a concise Workshop report outlining how NSLS-II beamlines will help to address outstanding grand challenge problems in science and technology, and (b) a list of potential first experiments along with the corresponding research teams. For more information on the Workshop, please contact Gretchen Cisco, the NSLS-II User Administration Manager, at gcisco@bnl.gov