In-situ Methods of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy


October 24 - 26, 2013

The short course in X-ray absorption spectroscopy methods will be offered on October 24 - 26, 2013 at the NSLS.  It continues the annual NSLS tradition of gathering a group of scientists, active in the field, to share their expertise with those interested in learning about the use of X-ray absorption spectroscopy methods in their research.

This year, the course will focus on techniques and applications of XAS to characterization of functional nanomaterials at work.  Examples 
include catalytic materials and catalysis mechanisms, electrochemistry, fuel cells and battery research, but will also include other materials, devices and processes where such methods prove useful.  The focus will be on those techniques, currently used at the NSLS and other synchrotrons, that will also be available at the NSLS-II in the first few years after the start of its operations in 2014.  We will discuss unique characteristics of NSLS-II beamlines (e.g., improved time, space and energy resolution) and the new opportunities for studying nanomaterials at work that emerge.

The course format will include an "idea development" session on the last day of the workshop, where instructors will help new users plan their synchrotron research using in situ and operando methods.

Course Instructors:
K. Attenkofer (BNL), S. Khalid (BNL), M. Balasubramanian (ANL), F. Alamgir (Georgia Tech), Q. Wang (Binghamton U.), Y. Li (Yeshiva U.), A. Frenkel (Yeshiva U.), M. Porosoff (Columbia U.), A. Karim (PNNL), R. Golovchak (Austin Peay State U.), K.-W. Nam (BNL), N. Marinkovic (U. Delaware), C. Koenig (PSI), J. Rodriguez (BNL) 

Note:  Course enrollment is limited to 30 participants.

Application Deadline:  September 1, 2013

Registration Fee: $150.00
Note:  Registration fees may be used toward unallowable expenses.

If you are interested in participating in the short course, please fill out an application by clicking on the tab in the top of the webpage.  All accepted participants will be notified via email and will receive additional registration instructions.

In addition, to participate in the workshop, you are required to have a valid BNL ID.  If you do not have a valid BNL ID, please submit a request by registering in the BNL Guest Information System (GIS).  Approval can take up to 30 days or more, therefore non-US citizens must register prior to September 24, 2013 in order to be considered for the course.

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