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X9 Solution scattering workbench

This is a hands-on traning course designed to help new solution scattrering users to prepare for solution scattering measurements at X9. Through this workbench, the participants will learn about the basic principles of solution scattering, how to collect and process solution scattering data at X9, and how to analyze the data.

During the workbench, the participants are encouraged to collect preliminary data that they can then use to strengthen a beam time proposal for their future measurements at X9. On the other hand, this traning class is not meant to provide beamtime for completing an entire project. So if you sign up for this traning class, please be aware of the limited time when you plan the number of samples you will bring.

This traning course occurs every beam cycle and is REQUIRED for any user group that will perform solution scattering experiments at X9 for the first time. Look for the announcement for future sessions here.