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NYC subway

There will be approximately 200 air sampling devices deployed during this study, which will occur over three, non-consecutive days in July. In addition, researchers will disperse low concentrations of harmless gases known as perfluorocarbons at select subway and street-level locations for 30 minutes only on each study day. Weather conditions will determine which days are selected for the tests, and dates selected will be announced to the public a day in advance.

The research will be conducted during daylight hours in parts of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and in Manhattan primarily from 59th Street to the Battery. The NYPD and MTA worked closely together on planning and implementation of the study, which will include 21 subway lines and several dozen stations citywide, in addition to the street-level research.

The field study is designed to have zero impact on commuting and other public activity. Members of the public may notice clearly marked boxes containing the air sampling equipment secured in subway stations, on street light poles, and hand-carried by researchers.