Welcome to BERA ~ Brookhaven Employees' Recreation Association

BNL Facilities are not open to the Public!

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BERA is administered by the Quality of Life/BERA/Recreation Office, located in Bldg. 400. BERA oversees the many clubs and organizations, and assists in the administration of the overall program and the use of available recreational facilities on-site. See a complete list of BERA Clubs.

BERA members are employees and retirees of BNL or the Brookhaven Area Office of the U.S. Department of Energy, and members of their immediate families. “Immediate Family” is defined as spouse, children over 18 only, and parents. Contractors are not permitted to bring guests. (contractors include NOAA, TFCU, Cafeteria, etc.) You are a BERA member when you receive your photo ID badge and life number. Tours of all facilities may also be arranged by calling the Recreation office at 344-2873.

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact Christine Carter at 631-344-5090 or Joanne Delles at 631-344-8481, or send an email to itdhelp@bnl.gov.

Recreation Staff Title Extension
Christine Carter Recreation Supervisor x5090  FAX: x2940
Joanne Delles Recreation Assistant x8481  FAX: x2940
Sue Dwyer Recreation Representative x3496 or x2873
Ralph Garappolo
Recreation Representative x3147
James Rowehl Recreation Attendant x2873 or after 3:00pm x3147
Lost & Found x2873 or Building 400 - QOL/BERA Recreation Office
All Lab extensions are prefaced by (631) 344-xxxx

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Last Modified: May 24, 2016