General Lab Information

Specialized Instrumentation

The ATF has more than 20 years of accumulated expertise operating electron and laser beams for user experiments. Our experience in highly specialized tools allows efficient assembly of new experiments. This includes:

  • Comprehensive beam diagnostics.
  • Special methods of configuring the beam’s longitudinal and transverse parameters.
  • Vacuum chambers that can be inserted into the beam line for arranging experimental setups inside.
  • Special chambers with prebuilt components demanded and shared by several experiments. These components may include optics for laser focusing, alignment and synchronization with the e-beam, capillary discharge plasma sources, etc.

Special instrumentation allows users to avoid lengthy trial-and-error processes and allows them to launch their experiments at an advanced level, within a previously tested and an expertly operated infrastructure. This greatly facilitates the successful accomplishment of user projects. Some typical examples of such specialized instrumentation offered at the ATF in support of user experiments are: