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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

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The Director's Office Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council aims to cultivate a workplace where individuals of all identities, levels and experiences are afforded equal opportunities for professional development and career advancement. The inclusion of diverse thoughts and perspectives is critical to the development of new ideas, processes and innovations. The Council will advise the Director's Office to develop and implement strategies to improve inclusion, diversity and equity within the Director's Office organizations and beyond. Council Charter (PDF)

JoAnne Hewett
Laboratory Director

John Hill
Deputy Director for Science and Technology

Ann Emrick
Deputy Director for Operations

Director's Office Groups

The Director's Office I&D Council supports the Director's Office staff as well as the following staff offices:

Planning, Performance, and Quality Management Consolidates the Office of Policy and Strategic Planning, the Quality Management Office, the Office of Institutional Improvement, and the Project Management Center into a single office which provides a Lab-level perspective on planning and performance, including responsibility for organizational learning, project management, and contractor assurance.

Counterintelligence Manages and maintains BNL's Counterintelligence Program against foreign and industrial or intelligence activities in the U.S. directed at or involving DOE programs, facilities, technology, personnel, unclassified sensitive or proprietary information, and classified matter. Website

General Counsel / Legal Office Provides legal counsel to Laboratory management and handles all legal matters.

Stakeholder & Community Relations Develops, implements, and assesses strategic internal and external communications plans and programs to advance the scientific mission and priority programs and initiatives of the Lab; develops and implements government and stakeholder relations programs to help increase support for the Lab's programs and priority projects; and oversees science education and workforce development programs to fulfill the Lab's and DOE's education and diversity goals. Website

Internal Audit Serves as an independent resource for conducting internal audits and studies, coordinating outside audit activities, and providing expert information and guidance on effective internal controls and prudent business practices. Website

Computational Science Initiative (CSI) Excels at integrating computer science, applied mathematics, and computational science with broad domain expertise to tackle problems and advance knowledge impacting scientific discovery. CSI has long focused on timely analysis and interpretation of high-volume, high-velocity heterogeneous data, providing solutions for the national and international scientific community. These efforts now are being augmented by CSI's growing high-performance computing capabilities.

Strategic Partnership Programs Office Connects stakeholders and nurtures strategic collaborations to produce bold, dynamic solutions, based on the expertise, technologies, and capabilities at Brookhaven National Lab.