General Lab Information

Travel Accident Insurance

The Travel Accident Insurance Plan provides 24-hour Accident coverage while on authorized business travel.

The Benefit

The Travel Accident Insurance Plan provides 24-hour Accident coverage while on authorized business travel. Coverage begins at the actual starting point of an anticipated trip, whether this is your place of employment, your home, or some other location, whichever occurs last. Coverage terminates upon your return to home or place of employment, whichever occurs first. If you are eligible for the Travel Accident Insurance Plan, you do not need to enroll.*

Travel Assistance Services

This fact sheet describes business travel assistance insurance available to Lab staff through ACE American Insurance Company.

Travel Assistance ID Card

When on business travel, use this information from ACE American Insurance Company in the event of a travel emergency.

Who's Eligible?

Active Employees

All regular, temporary and part-time employees, visiting scientists, Guests, and members of the Board of Directors of Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC (the “Employer”) are eligible for Travel Accident Insurance coverage. However, different coverages apply to different “classes” of eligible employees and their family members, as described below.

An employee is a “regular employee” if he/she is classified and treated for federal income tax purposes by the Employer as a regular full-time or regular part-time employee of the Employer (as opposed to a temporary, seasonal or casual employee, intern, independent contractor or consultant, agency worker or leased employee) even if the Employer's classification is later determined to be incorrect.

A person is a “Guest” if that person travels at the direction or invitation of the Employer and travel expenses are paid for or reimbursed by the Employer, or if that person agrees to pay one half of the airfare while traveling to and from the Employer's premises at the invitation of the Employer.

Ineligible Employees

  • Employees who are resident undocumented aliens; and
  • Employees whose terms of employment are covered by a collective bargaining agreement to which the Employer is a party, unless the collective bargaining agreement provides otherwise.

* The Employer reserves the right to amend or terminate this Travel Accident Insurance Plan at any time and for any reason.