General Lab Information


The primary focus of the sPHENIX group in the Physics Department is the operation of the sPHENIX experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and the analysis of data from gold-gold, proton-proton, and proton-gold collisions that the detector will collect in the coming years. The group also supports the PHENIX collaboration as it finalizes the analysis of earlier RHIC collision data. And the group is using its world-recognized detector development expertise to contribute to the design of the coming EIC detector, ePIC, and to the neutrinoless double beta decay experiment, nEXO.

sPHENIX detector computer rendering

Rendering of the sPHENIX detector.

people in hard hats at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the sPHENIX detector

Ribbon cutting ceremnony for the sPHENIX detector.

photo of the sPHENIX time projection chamber

sPHENIX detector Time Projection Chamber.

Group Members