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We the People

we the people

Over 3,000 people carried out the activities of the Photon Sciences Directorate during FY10. This included more than 380 Photon Sciences staff members, 36 employees from other Brookhaven Lab organizations, nearly 340 contractors, and more than 2,200 visiting scientists – or “users” – who came to NSLS during the year to run experiments in fields ranging from biology to materials science.  

Among the Photon Sciences staff, 22 percent were scientists, 32 percent were professionals (including engineers), 31 percent were technicians, 11 percent were support staff, and 4 percent were managers.  

Staff from other Brookhaven Lab organizations, who typically worked 50 percent or more of their time on Photon Sciences activities, came from groups including the Human Resources Division; the Procurement and Property Management Division; the Community Relations, Education, Government, and Public Affairs Directorate; and the Superconducting Magnet Division.   The largest group among the contractors numbered about 300, who worked on the NSLS-II construction site.

Here are a few photo highlights of the groups that keep the directorate running.

poster winners

Users’ Meeting poster session winners with NSLS UEC Chair Bruce Ravel (left): Erik Muller, Louis Piper, Kathryn Dorst, Zhihua Xu, Yimin Mao, and Andrew Ying.

sons and daughters day

Photon Sciences employees demonstrate the wow-factor of a Mentos-soda geyser at Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work day

geochemist and teachers

University of Chicago geochemist Tony Lanzirotti explains the basics of synchrotrons to local teachers participating in the Introducing Synchrotrons Into the Classroom program.

flat stanley

Beamline scientist Allen Orville takes Flat Stanley on a tour of NSLS.


The “winners” of the NSLS-CFN Users’ Meeting pledge drive physicist Cecilia Sanchez-Hanke and safety engineer Keith Klaus enjoying their prize: a dip in the shark tank at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, NY