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Science Highlights

In FY10, Photon Sciences staff and users published 893 articles in journals, conference proceedings, reports, books, dissertations, and patents. Almost 20 percent were published in premiere journals (those that have an impact factor of 6 or greater). The following highlights are representative of this extensive and diverse research, ranging from the creation of new catalysts for alternative energy production to the exploration of the inner workings of diseases like tuberculosis and cancer.

FY10 Publication Count

Pub Type Total Staff
Total Pubs 893 110
Total Journals 747 84
Peer Reviewed Journals 724 81
Peer Reviewed Premier Journals 165 21
Conference Proceedings 68 18
Reports: Technical, Formal, Informal 2 2
Books / Book Chapters 18 4
Theses / Dissertations 51 0
Patents 7 2

This Year's Highlights