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Update on NSLS-II Beamlines

The photon sciences user community following progress at the National Synchrotron Light Source II will recognize these groups of initial beamlines:

  • Project
  • NEXT
  • Type II

Now there is NxtGen.

As announced in May at the NSLS/CFN Joint Users’ Meeting by Steve Dierker, Associate Laboratory Director for Photon Sciences, NxtGen is a set of nine beamlines at NSLS-II that will be developed by reusing components from multiple beamlines at NSLS. These beamlines will be attached to bending-magnet, three-pole-wiggler, or infrared sources at NSLS-II.

NSLS-II Beamlines: Early Portfolio

“We expect NxtGen to move forward on a schedule that includes transferring components from NSLS to NSLS-II in mid to late fiscal year 2014 and commissioning them at the beginning of FY15, shortly after the start of NSLS-II operations,” said Dierker. “The resulting beamlines will be a very exciting and productive addition to NSLS-II.”

Dierker added that NxtGen beamlines will provide the range of capabilities and capacity needed for transitioning much of the existing NSLS user community and their scientific programs to NSLS-II.

He also explained that various factors were considered in selecting NxtGeN beamlines: All nine started as 2010 beamline development proposals, and each was endorsed by the Science Advisory Committee after rigorous peer review of the science case and user demand. Also, the nine will be able to accomplish much of the science originally proposed by reusing largely “as-is” components from one or more existing NSLS beamlines. And because these beamlines are being funded with operations money from DOE Basic Energy Sciences (BES), the science programs they will support relate to DOE BES missions.

With the addition of NxtGen, NSLS-II will have 30 beamlines operating within a few years of the start of operations. Together, these will occupy about 60 percent of the available straight sections and roughly 33 percent of the available bending-magnet, three-pole-wiggler, and infrared ports.

Mona S. Rowe

2012-3178  |  INT/EXT  |  Media & Communications Office


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