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On the Cover: The October 2013 issue of BBA-Biomembranes features a paper on “FTIR spectroscopic imaging of protein aggregation in living cells.” Coauthors:

  • Lisa Miller, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Megan Bourassa, Burke Medical Research Institute
  • Randy Smith, Brookhaven National Laboratory

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Elaine DiMasi, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Learning the secrets of nature's building process, Times Beacon Record, July 24, 2013

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Lisa Miller is quoted in a press release issued by IOS Press and reporting on a study published in Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging, April 2013. Coauthors:

  • Megan Bourassa, Burke Medical Research Institute
  • Andreana Leskovjan, Stony Brook University
  • Ryan Tappero, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Erik Farquhar, Case Western Reserve University
  • Carol Colton, Duke University Medical Center
  • William Van Nostrand, Stony Brook University
  • Lisa Miller, Brookhaven National Laboratory

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