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Super Conducting Undulator (SCU) R&D

Vertical Testing Facility (VTF)
A Vertical Test Facility capable of simulating the heat load of current and future high brightness synchrotron radiation sources is being assembled by the NSLS Department at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. The facility will be able to fully measure and categorize the field of a superconducting undulator magnet up to 0.5 meters in length using several field measuring methods, which includes a hall probe array, a pulsed wire and possibly a vibrating wire system. The system will be able to measure the heat load deposited in the magnets' cold mass from a heater in the magnet gap, which simulates image currents, synchrotron radiation, and other phenomena up to 100 watts per meter.



Hall Probe

High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) R&D
The LDRD project includes a collaboration with the Material Science Dept to develop methods of thin film "printed circuit" deposition of high-temperature superconductor (MgB2), as an alternative to mechanical winding of SC coils.