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Workstation Application Software

There is a large set of applications on the UNIX workstations, most of which use X-window graphics and Motif widgets. Some of the major applications are listed here.

All applications are invoked through a tree-like menu subsystem. Menus can be nested and the tree leaves are executable programs. To see the top-level menu, please click here.

After years of development and improvement, most of our applications have reached their maturity. Not only do these applications make the daily operations easier, they are invaluable for diagnostics, studies and research. For example, there is a very general and easy-to-use history data collection and display system, which has become an indispensable tool during ring operations and studies. The 6-10 Hz real-time orbit graphical display lets operators view the instantaneous orbit changes when doing orbit correction. The real-time plotter allows users to see instantaneous changes of parameters under study during experiments. The general I/O programs such as pretune and save/restore allow users to conveniently read/write any parameter or device. The graphical ramping system allows users to build, edit and download ramps easily. More than 250 devtest macros written by engineers, technicians and operators have become an integral part of the control system.

For information please contact: Pauline Pearson, or Yong Tang