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Environmental, Safety & Health Committee

  1. Charge

    The NSLS ES&H Committee shall meet as needed to review:

    • Proposed modifications to the accelerator facility, its operation, or equipment that has potential safety implications
    • New or modified Safety Assessment Document (SAD), Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE) and unreviewed safety issues
    • Identified causes of any ASE violation and the corrective actions proposed in response to a facility shutdown because of safety concerns

    The NSLS ESH Committee may also be asked to review:

    • ESH inspection reports and the status of corrective actions
    • Occurrence and accident reports including root causes, corrective actions and lessons learned information
    • Experiments as referred to it by the Experimental Review Coordinator

    This Committee shall report its findings to the NSLS Department Chairman within two weeks of the date of any meeting and shall maintain formal minutes of all meetings held using the NSLS General Review Form. If applicable, the EMS, FUA and SAD/ASE Checklist for NSLS Reviews shall be attached to minutes to document the review for any potential changes to the Environmental Management System significant environmental aspects, the Facility Use Agreement and the Safety Assessment Document/Accelerator Safety Envelope. Any changes to the above will result in a memo from the ESH Committee Chairman to the Associate Chairman for ESH/Q.

    The NSLS ES&H Committee shall have the following representation:

    • NSLS Department ES&H Coordinator who shall act as chair
    • NSLS professional ESH Staff
    • NSLS RCD Facility Representative
    • NSLS Environmental Compliance Representative
    • Up to six staff members from the NSLS Department to provide expertise in a broad variety of fields.

    The ESH Committee members shall be appointed by the NSLS Department Chairman. Members shall be appointed to three-year terms, two members being appointed each year, and may serve for succeeding terms. Other ESH personnel may be called in to supplement this Committee should additional expertise be needed.

  2. Membership
    • A. Ackerman
    • D. Bauer (EWMSD)
    • A. Boerner
    • S. Buda
    • S. Hulbert
    • H. Kahnhauser (RCD)
    • P. Kelley (DOE/BHSO)
    • R. Kiss
    • J. Levesque (LPD)
    • P. Mortazavi
    • B. Podobedov
    • R. Selvey (SHSD)
    • L. Stiegler - Chairman
    • F. Zafonte (RCD)
    • E. Zitvogel
  3. Meeting Frequency

    Meetings are called as needed by the Committee Chairman.