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Repair & Equipment Services

Cleaning Facility (BNL Central Shops)
Solvent cleaning of vacuum parts and leak checking service is also available. Work is billed to each user via a BNL ILR. Contact the NSLS Building Manager to arrange for any of these services.

Electronics Repair
Limited repairs for electronic equipment are available from an outside contractor through the Control Room. Contact Control Room Supervisor Randy Church (x2550 or x2736, pager 5310). Shipping memos are filled out on the web, and pick ups are on Fridays. Come to the Control Room for assistance. The user should call the contractor on the day before scheduled pickups to alert the contractor of the pickup. Items to be repaired should be left in the Control Room with the completed shipping memo. Costs are charged to the user's account.

Electronics services are also available from NSLS personnel, at an estimated hourly rate of $59.00. These can include: Build interlock chassis; Repair electronic equipment such as power supplies and commercially produced electronic equipment; Assemble motor controllers, piezoelectric controllers, etc; Make specific cables or instruct individuals on how to make cables. NOTE: Technical manuals are required in order to repair equipment.

Vacuum Services
The Vacuum Group offers limited repair service for Balzers turbo-molecular and mechanical pumps. The Vacuum Group also has pumps available for loan and offers leak checking services, ultra high vacuum cleaning, and vacuum electronics repair. Hourly rates of $61.00 and parts costs are charged to a user's operating account. Contact Walter DeBoer (x4100, pager 8204).

User Machine Shop
Located in Room 1-124A, the User Shop is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is staffed weekdays during working hours for those who seek assistance in operation of the shop's machines and tools. After working hours, access is available to users who have signed an Acceptance of Responsibility Form and who have completed the shop training/orientation. Access to locked-out machinery and equipment during non-working hours is available to Level III users by signing out a key from the Control Room. A collection of power tools can be signed out during normal work hours. Users are responsible for the condition of the item while it is signed out. Contact the User Shop Manager Bob Kiss (x4926, pager 5827) for further information on shop orientation, training, or safety issues.

BNL Central Shops
The Laboratory's Central shops (Bldg. 462, x3356) can handle machining from instrument-making to heavy material projects. There is also a sheet metal shop and weld shop which can do electron-beam welding. User accounts are debited for these services; the hourly rate is estimated at $57.00 with all burdens G&A costs included. There is a tool-lending pool in the Central Shops, where users can borrow such items as helicoil insertion tools.

Custodial Services
Custodians work on a continuing basis to keep the NSLS clean and free of litter. If there is a need for special attention, such as a water leak mopped up, contact the NSLS Building Manager during regular working hours or an Operations Coordinator from the NSLS Control Room (pager 5824) at other times.

The NSLS owns several styles of overhead cranes for the moving of equipment. The VUV Ring has two overhead Bridge and Trolley cranes. Each spans one half of the VUV floor with a capacity of 2 tons each. These are IR controlled. The stock room Staging Area has an overhead Bridge and Trolley crane with a 2-ton capacity that is electrically operated using a pendant controller. Beamlines around both the VUV and X-Ray floors have various styles of manually or electrically operated overhead cranes. Styles include jib hoist, monorails and Manual Bridge and Trolley. Capacities range from 100 pounds to 1 ton. As per NSLS Material Handling policies, only NSLS "Responsible Persons" or BNL Riggers may operate Overhead Cranes. Responsible Persons are trained and qualified in the operation of the Overhead Cranes and Basic Rigging procedures as per the BNL Training Group policies. The NSLS has several pieces of material handling equipment, such as dollies, pallet jacks, and shop cranes. Use of these items is available with the assistance of NSLS Beam Line Staff. For assistance and use of Overhead Cranes and Material Handling Equipment, please contact the NSLS Assistant Building Manager, Bob Kiss.

Fork Lifts
The NSLS owns one forklift. Material loading and unloading must be done by NSLS Stockroom or NSLS trained and qualified personnel. BNL has riggers who may be hired via an ILR for large jobs.

Electrical Equipment
At BNL and the NSLS, part of our commitment to maintain a safe work environment includes ensuring that all electrical equipment to be connected to a source of electrical power is free from reasonably foreseeable risk due to electrical hazards. If you will be bringing any of your own electrically-powered equipment with you to the NSLS, please read the information for users located here.

NSLS User Equipment Pool
The NSLS supports a user equipment pool. The users can reserve the equipment in advance, if available. Terms and conditions for borrowing equipment from the pool are described at the link above.

EXAFS Equipment Pool
The NSLS also supports an EXAFS equipment pool. Detectors, filters, foils, and low temperature dewars are available for short-term loan. For request forms or further information contact Syed Khalid (x7496,

Beamline survey and survey instrument calibration. Note that in most cases survey requires two individuals. Estimated hourly rate is $57.00. Contact Robert Scheuerer X5493.

Experimental water evaluations, pressure gage (air and water) and flowmeter calibration. Estimated hourly rate is $60.00. Contact Michael Schwarz X5262.

For services provided by NSLS Personnel: the hourly rates are estimates. These rates include all burdens and G&A costs based on charging a user's operating account. individuals performing the work will put the user's account number on their time card and the charges will appear monthly. The services will be prioritized and fit into the NSLS requirements by the contact person.