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Equipment Identification
The Department of Energy requires that all capital equipment at Brookhaven National Laboratory have bar codes or tags to indicate ownership. BNL's Procurement & Property Management Division conducts periodic inspections to ensure proper identification of all equipment. If your organization does not have tags (with logos, etc.), the NSLS will supply blank tags.

ID Tag

Identification tags for equipment are available at the NSLS stockroom, free of charge. Please obtain tags for all equipment owned by your organization. Fill in the name of your organization in the space provided and apply one tag to each of piece of equipment that does not already have an identification tag. The serial numbers on tags provided by the NSLS are for your optional use in recordkeeping.

Contact your host for more information.

The NSLS has a stockroom on the experimental floor which contains useful items for day-to-day needs. It is open 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week. Access after hours is obtained with your encoded ID card. You can purchase any stocked item by entering the catalog number and your guest number and account number into the computer or by using the bar code scanner. Some items, such as film and disks, are kept in a locked location and require assistance from Stockroom staff (during working hours) or the Control Room (during non-working hours). The Stockroom also has a complete set of catalogs describing all the stock available through BNL Supply and Materiel. Items in stock at the BNL stores can be ordered by filling out a Stores Requisition in the NSLS Stockroom. Emergency orders can be processed during regular working hours by contacting stockroom personnel (x2118). After hours, contact an Operations Coordinator (x5046) for assistance. The stockroom also handles all shipping and receiving for the NSLS, including overnight packages.

Storage of Equipment
Any item placed in storage SHALL follow the NSLS Temporary Storage Area Policy. Very limited short-term storage (30 days) of experimental equipment, including end-chambers, is available in the X-Ray set-up area, and two-week storage is available nearby. All items brought to the NSLS must be properly tagged with owner information. Contact the Building Manager to place any item into any of the storage areas.

NSLS Temporary Storage Area Policy

Gases (Non-Hazardous)
The NSLS keeps a supply of nitrogen, argon, and helium gas cylinders available outside the northwest roll-up door. These gases may be withdrawn as follows:

  • From the NSLS Stockroom, sign out the cart which has the key to the cylinder rack. The bar codes for the gas cylinders are also attached to this cart.

  • Using the computer or bar code reader, scan your life number, account number, stock number of the gas, and the quantity.

  • Return the cart to the stockroom as soon as you are finished.

Other gases, chemicals, and distilled water can be ordered through BNL stock (see Stockroom staff for assistance).

Liquid nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen for transfer into smaller dewars is available outside on the loading dock located on the western side of the NSLS building. If you are not familiar with transferring from pressure-building large trailers, see the Building Manager for instructions.

Liquid Helium
Deliveries are made on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Helium must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance of desired delivery date. To order, have your user account number ready and call the Gas Cylinder Warehouse between 9:30 am and 11:30 am, Monday through Friday (x2964).

Waste Chemical Storage
Chemical wastes are to be stored near their point of generation in a designated Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) until ready for transfer to the NSLS 90-day Storage Area. The SAA's are located and posted in the setup laboratories; each has an assigned manager. You must put your waste containers in one of the SAA's as the wastes are accumulated. The Hazardous Waste trained person for your experiment must transfer wastes to the NSLS 90-Day Storage area at the end of the experiment. For further details contact John Aloi (x7018, pager 5212).

Cranes and Material Handling Equipment
The NSLS owns several cranes for small jobs. The VUV ring has two overhead 2-ton cranes, each of which spans one half of the VUV floor. These are IR controlled. Various beamlines around the X-ray Ring have their own manually operated overhead hoists or cranes. There is an electrically powered overhead crane by the NSLS Stockroom.

Only BNL trained persons may operate the NSLS Cranes. Each NSLS Crane is assigned a trained and qualified "Responsible Person". The Responsible Person is responsible for reviewing and approving the use of the crane.

Several portable pieces of material handling equipment are also available for use that the NSLS. These include hydraulic platform lifts, engine lifts, counterbalanced floor cranes, and pallet jacks. NSLS Staff members are available to assist with the use of these pieces of equipment.

Contact the Building Manager for use of the cranes or material handling equipment.

User Machine Shop, Use and Training
The NSLS has a machine shop for use by trained and qualified Users to modify, make or repair equipment needed for experimental equipment. Special training is required to use the User Machine Shop. It is recommended that no one work alone in the shop after hours. Safety shoes and safety eyeglasses must be worn at all times while in the shop.

Contact the NSLS User Machine shop manager for training and assistance in the machine shop.