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X9 SAXS Workbench II

June 3-6, 2010

Purpose of the Workbench

The main purpose of this workbench is to help build up the solution scattering user community at X9. Through this workbench, you will learn about the basic principles of solution scattering and how to collect solution scattering data at X9, so that you will already have solution scattering experience when you apply for general user beam time and come back to work on your project in the future. We hope during the workbench, you will be able to collect preliminary data that you will then use to strengthen a regular beam time proposal for your future measurements at X9. This workbench is not meant to provide beamtime for you to complete a project. So please be aware the limited time when you plan the number of samples you will bring.

Sample information

Limit the number of samples that you are bringing to less than ten. We suggest a minimum volume of 70 microliters (triplicates of ~20 ul per image) with a biomolecule (e.g. protein, RNA, DNA) concentration of at least 1 mg/ml. It is quite frequent that dilution from higher concentrations is necessary. Bring also the buffer used for each sample for background substraction.