BES Facilities Computing Working Group Meeting - May 21-22, 2015


The BES Facilities Computing Working group provides a focal point for the collective development of strategies for compute and data issues that impact BES user facilities. 
We foster collaboration on areas of common interest in computing infrastructure, tools and applications leading to collaborations that seed cross-laboratory technical projects.

The third open face to face meeting of BES Facilities Computing Working group will take place on May 21 and May 22 at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

May 21 will feature a software workshop, with an agenda that will include short contributed presentations and demonstrations.  If you are interested in participating as a speaker or demonstrator, please submit a short abstract to facilitate the creation of the agenda.

The morning of May 22 will feature discussion of organizational issues such as focus, vision and group composition.  We will also discuss possible joint projects in data management.

The afternoon of May 22 will be devoted to writing a report and close-out of the meeting.