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Experimental control

  • Hardware controls at X9 are based on EPICS and SPEC software (Certified Scientific Software, MA). The documentation on SPEC is available from CSS website.
  • There are several area detectors at X9, each under the control of its own control computer. During data collection SPEC macros communicate the these control computers and save the data in the user's local directory.
  • We also have several video cameras for monitoring the experiments inside the hutch. We use Coriander to access the Firewire cameras.

Data Processing and Visualization Software

We currently use two software packages to process the scattering data collected at X9:

  • view.gtk: a GUI-based software that allows the user to perform the basic process routines on the data, including circular average, line profile extraction and conversion of the image into 2D reciprocal space (qr-qz).
  • pyXS: a collection of python scripts that implement the same functions of view.gtk, as well as additional routines, such as averaging and combining SAXS/WAXS data, that can be used to further process the data.