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Brookhaven National Laboratory

Welcome to the...

XIIth International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets & Polarimetry

Date: September 10-14, 2007
Location: Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)
Physics Department, Bldg 510, Large Conference Room
Local Organizing Committee: James Alessi, Gerry Bunce, Ahovi Kponou, Yousef Makdisi
Anatoli Zelenski (Chairman)
  • Deadlines
    Abstracts Submissions: Extended to July 16, 2007 - There is no specified format or length limit, but be reasonable. The abstracts will help us organize the sessions. Please submit electronically either as a pdf or Word file to, and copy to

    Papers: October 31, 2007 - We strongly urge authors to aim for submission during the Workshop.

PSTP2007 Poster

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Motivation & Plans

The International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets and Polarimetry (PST) is a forum to discuss new achievements and problems in polarization techniques. This Workshop, which is sponsored by the International Spin Physics Committee, has been hosted for more than 20 years, regularly circulating between the USA, Europe and Japan. Initially, the workshops were limited to polarized proton (deuteron) ion sources and polarized internal gas targets. Beginning in 1997 at Urbana, Illinois, polarized electron sources and polarized solid state targets have been included in the program, and with PST 2001 at IUCF, Indiana, polarized neutron beams and high-energy proton polarimetry were included in the program. At PST 2005 at Tokyo University, polarized radioactive beams were also discussed.

PST 2007 will be hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), which has a long-standing tradition in spin physics. BNL currently runs a unique spin physics program at RHIC, utilizing the most advanced polarized proton source, OPPIS, a polarized atomic hydrogen jet target in the storage ring (absolute pp - CNI polarimeter), and a system of polarimeters at different beam energies. The proposed eRHIC upgrade will need very high intensity polarized electron and 3He++ ion sources.

Polarized electron beams are already a common feature at practically all electron accelerators. The HERMES experiment at DESY (with electron beam polarized by the Sokolov-Ternov technique) set the benchmark for the polarization studies with the polarized beam and polarized internal target in the storage ring. The experiments at SLAC and polarization studies at Jefferson Laboratory took the advantage of great advances in the polarized electron source development. Polarized electron (and possibly positron) beams are an integral part of the proposed ILC.

There are a number of new proposals for polarized proton beams in UNK-70 (IHEP, Protvino), J-PARC (Japan) and the FAIR polarized antiproton storage ring at GSI (Darmstadt). Further significant advances are required in polarized sources and targets to meet the very demanding specifications for polarized electron, proton and 3He++ beams, and polarized targets. At PST 2007 we plan to have focused discussions on several selected topics, including:

  • Polarized electron sources
  • Polarized proton (deuteron) sources
  • Polarized 3He++ sources
  • Polarized internal hydrogen targets
  • Polarimetry
  • Polarized solid state targets

The Workshop schedule will include round-table discussions of the basic limitations of various polarization techniques and possible paths for future progress. Hosting PST 2007 at BNL will be an opportunity for the wider community of BNL physicists, visiting graduate students and those attending local universities to learn more about the essential aspects of experimental polarization physics, and it is planned to include in the program a day of lectures for these groups.


The proceedings of the Workshop shall be published in book form – 6 x 9 format – in the AIP Conference Proceedings Series.

Author Instructions
  • Author’s instructions and style guides and templates for LaTex and MS Word can be found at:
  • Page limits – 10 pages for plenary session talks which were 30 minutes or more long, and 6 pages for all other talks, including summaries at the Closing Session.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is October 31, 2007.
Please contact Ahovi Kponou with any questions you may have; email your manuscripts to and, and c.c. to


Please submit a completed Transfer of Copyright Agreement Form with your paper, if you did not complete one at the Workshop.

International Spin Physics Committee:

K. Imai, Kyoto (Chair)T. Roser, BNL (Past-Chair)
F. Bradamante, TriesteE.D. Courant* BNL
D.G. Crabb, VirginiaA. V. Efremov, JINR
G. Fidecaro*, CERNH. Gao, Duke
G. Mallot, CERNW. Haeberli*, Wisconsin
K. Hatanaka, RCNPA.D. Krisch, Michigan
R.G. Milner, MITC.Y. Prescott*, SLAC
F. Rathmann, COSYH. Sakai, Tokyo
Yu. M. Shatunov, NovosibirskV. Soergel*, Heidelberg
E. Steffens, ErlangenE. J. Stephenson
N.E.Tyurin, IHEPW.T.H. van Oers*, Manitoba

* Honorary Members

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