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Providing Weather Information for Brookhaven

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Weather conditions at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) site have been recorded since August 1948. BNL is broadly influenced by continental and maritime weather systems. Locally, the major weather systems are modified by the Long Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and associated bays, which influence wind direction and humidity, and provide a moderating influence on extreme summer and winter temperatures.

BNL is a well-ventilated site, with an annual distribution of wind direction reflecting a predominance of westerly components. Prevailing winds are from the southwest during the summer, from the northwest during the winter, and about equally from these two directions during the spring and fall.

Monitoring of current weather conditions at BNL is maintained by Meteorology Services and is reported in real-time. Data from the past year is available upon request. Meteorology Services also participates in the Long Island Solar Farm (LISF) project and provides solar radiation and meteorological data to evaluate feasibility of solar electric generation in the northeastern United States.

The data displayed on this website has not yet been through the quality control review process. Meteorology Services maintains a separate QA/QC reviewed database going as far back as 1994.