General Lab Information

Employee Resource Groups

To help attract and retain a diverse set of employees the Lab provides financial and structural support to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These include the African American Advancement Group, the Asian Pacific American Association, the Brookhaven Veterans Association, Brookhaven Women in Science, the Early Career Resource Group, the Hispanic Heritage Group, and the Pride Alliance.

In recent years, the ERGs have increased the reach and impact of their activities. This includes an increase in membership, an increase in the number of scholarships they offer, new guest lecturers who speak on DE&I topics, and more learning and social events for employees.

Directorate DE&I councils partner with the DE&I Office to help fulfill the Lab’s DE&I strategy and provide support for outreach activities within their directorates and Lab wide.

African American Advancement Group

AAAG exists to increase visibility & awareness of our culture and contributions. Supports the Lab's goals of inclusion and diversity through various events, including our highlight STEM Scholarship Program that builds a bridge between community and the Lab to foster connectivity, professional development, as well as potential recruitment of stellar STEM scholars.

Contact: Juanita Mc Kinney, Ext. 3915

Asian Pacific American Association

The APAA promotes unity and awareness through educational/cultural/social programs, the annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month events, and through discussion of issues that affect the Asian Pacific American community at Brookhaven Lab.

Contacts: Marie Van Buren, Bldg. 515, Ext. 4727
Susan Eng Wong, Bldg. 515, Ext. 7988

Pride Alliance

The Pride Alliance advocates for non-heterosexual and non-gender conforming individuals at the Lab by serving as a liaison between employees and management to ensure a safe and inclusive working environment. The Alliance promotes a sense of community between our members along with the surrounding LGBTQ+ networks.

Contact: Deborah Bauer, Bldg. 860, Ext. 5664

Hispanic Heritage Group

The Hispanic Heritage Group (HHG) aims to raise awareness and aesthetic appreciation of Hispanic culture at the Lab, and to highlight the contributions of Hispanic people in science and operations at the Lab and beyond. The HHG works closely with the Lab's Inclusion & Diversity Office and the Brookhaven Employees Recreation Association.

Contact: Liz Flynn, Bldg. 460, Ext. 3834

Early Career Resource Group

The Early Career Resource Group (ECRG) is a group of employees who represent the Laboratory's next generation of leaders, scientists, and support staff. Many of its members are new to the Lab or new to their fields/positions at the Lab, while others are experienced staff who are interested in supporting and building collaborative relationships with the Lab's next generation. View Brochure

Contact: Megan Quarant, Bldg. 400F, Ext. 2920

Brookhaven Veterans Association

The Veterans Association supports BNL veterans and employees who are faced with the challenges of their loved ones currently serving in the military.

Contact: Steven Coleman, Ext. 8705

Brookhaven Women In Science

Brookhaven Women in Science (BWIS) is a diverse and inclusive community that promotes equal opportunity and advancement for all women in support of world-class science. It supports the development of policies and practices that enhance the quality of life for Laboratory employees, and emphasizes the recruitment, hiring, promotion, and retention of women.

Contact: Kayla Hernandez, Bldg. 911B, Ext. 7973