General Lab Information

Exploration Labs

Experience Brookhaven’s science through laboratory-based activities

Exploration Labs

The Exploration Labs experience focuses on making abstract scientific concepts real as students engage in hands-on activities grounded in research done at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Session Information

  • Flexible instruction whether students are in the classroom or at home.
  • Interactive, instructor-led session facilitated with students using materials from school or home. Can also be demonstration-based if students do not have access to materials.
  • Teachers will receive a detailed Teacher Notes guide upon booking.
  • Secure link to videoconferencing platform will be provided.
  • Fee-based programs (BOCES-aidable)
  • Contact us to schedule your field trip


  • DNA Extraction

    Extract DNA from fruit using a method that can easily be done at home or at school.

  • Properties of Nano

    Learn about the size, scale and properties of nanomaterials.