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Call for Expressions of Interest
for Potential Cooperation on the EIC Experimental Program

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), in association with Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), calls for an Expression of Interest (EOI) for potential cooperation on the experimental equipment as required for a successful science program at the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC). This call emphasizes all detector components to facilitate the full EIC science program including those integrated in the interaction regions.

The Electron-Ion Collider will be a powerful new facility in the United States that is constructed with the aim of studying the particles, gluons, which bind all the observable matter in the world around us. The EIC facility will collide intense beams of spin-polarized electrons with intense beams of either spin-polarized protons, deuterons, and helium-3 or unpolarized nuclei up to uranium. Detector concepts are now being developed to detect the high-energy scattered particles as well as the low-energy debris as a means to definitively understand how the matter we are all made of is bound together.

The Electron-Ion Collider User Group, which currently has more than 1000 members from over 200 laboratories and universities around the world, initiated a Yellow Report Initiative with its purpose to advance the state and detail of the documented physics studies and detector concepts to prepare for the realization of the EIC. The effort aims to provide the basis for further development of concepts for experimental equipment best suited for science needs, including the possible complementarity of two detectors towards future Technical Design Reports (TDRs). The “Call for Expressions of Interest” for cooperation on the EIC experimental program is in phase with the assumed timeline for completion of the Yellow Report.

The EOI will give the EIC Project guidance on current interest for participating in the EIC experimental program, including an initial understanding of the full scope of the experimental equipment that might be available for the expedient start of science operations at the time of EIC project completion.

We encourage interested groups to work together within their country, their geographical region, or as a general consortium, to submit their interest for potential EIC equipment cooperation. Please differentiate if the EOI is for in-kind detector components or those integrated in the interaction regions. EOIs should detail if potential contributions are for full material purchases or cost reductions, are for contributed labor, or for any combination of the two. Please also indicate what if any assumptions are made receiving support for the discussed cooperation from the EIC Project or both labs.

To facilitate this process, we have compiled a list of “Frequently Asked Questions”, and also provide a template for the questionnaire that may help guide you what information would be useful to include in your submission.

An EOI is non-binding, and its main purpose is guide expectations and to better understand the potential EIC experimental equipment scope.


Deadline for submission is November 1, 2020.

Download the following template questionnaire(s) for your document. The document can be at most 10 pages long, in this style, font and font size, but you can add appendices and do not have to include the tables in the page count. There is no prescribed format of the document, but you are asked to address the questions in the Questionnaire. It is understood that maybe not all questions can be answered precisely, everybody is asked to fill the questions as good as currently possible.  All submitted public Questionnaires will be viewable here. You can also submit a separate private Questionnaire with certain information you would like to be viewable only by the EIC Project. Questionnaires are in Microsoft Word docx format. When you have completed the Questionnaire(s), submit using the upload button below. 

In case of questions please contact Dr. Elke-Caroline Aschenauer and Dr. Rolf Ent.

Brookhaven National Lab's EIC Directorate coordinates with domestic and international partners to deliver the EIC construction project.

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