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Absence Management

Workers' Compensation

An eligible employee may receive cash benefit payments and/or medical care if they are injured or become ill as a direct result of their employment.

The Benefit

The weekly cash benefit for lost time accidents is typically two-thirds of the worker's average weekly wage for the previous year times the percentage he/she is disabled. It may not, however, exceed the state-established maximum weekly rate in effect on the date of the injury/illness. Benefits will include coverage for medical care and prescription medications. Compensation for long-term disabling conditions will be determined by the Workers' Compensation Board. There is a seven-day waiting period during which no cash benefits are paid, unless such disability extends beyond 14 days.


To be eligible for this benefit, an employee must be employed by a covered employer, such as BSA, and must have provided notice of an injury/illness at work to that employer.


The OMC will notify the BSA's Workers' Compensation Office (WCO) of the illness/injury. The Workers' Compensation Claims Administrator will file a First Report of Injury or Employer's Report of Work-Related Injury/Illness (C-2) with Gallagher Bassett, the Workers' Compensation claims administrator. The C-2 generates the claim number, which the WCO office provides to the OMC. Gallagher Bassett will contact the employee by telephone and provide paperwork that the employee and his/her physician need to complete and return to Gallagher Bassett. The OMC provides the employee a claim number to give to his/her healthcare providers and pharmacy so that the costs of their healthcare for this illness/injury will be covered by Workers' Compensation.

Additional Information

  • Although employees may go to their choice of healthcare providers, not all healthcare providers accepted patients whose coverage is through Workers' Compensation.
  • There are specific procedures to follow regarding how to obtain pre-approval for tests, procedures, etc.
  • The employee is required to participate in any accident investigation regarding the illness/injury.
  • The employee is required to complete an Injured Worker's Statement that will be provided by the accident investigator. The accident investigator will complete an Injury/Illness Analysis Report within 30 days of the illness/injury.
  • The employee must coordinate with his/her supervisor a mutually acceptable schedule to stay in contact with each other, so that the employee can provide status updates for a potential return to work date and schedule.
  • The employee must maintain regular weekly contact with the Occupational Medicine Clinic (OMC) at ext. 3670 to provide updates on his/her status and to discuss a potential return to work date and schedule. OMC can also assist in expediting tests, physical therapy, surgery, etc.
  • When the employee returns to work, he/she must bring a return to work note from his/her treating physician (covering the employee's entire absence). The note must be provided to the OMC who will determine if the employee will be approved to return to work.
  • The employee must apply for FMLA after 3 consecutive days of absence.
  • Contact the BSA Workers' Compensation Office at Ext. 3750 for additional information.