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Brookhaven Lectures

Brookhaven Lectures

From the “Foreword” to the first of the Brookhaven Lectures, by Gertrude Scharff-Goldhaber (1960)

The Brookhaven Lectures, held by and for the Brookhaven staff, are meant to provide an intellectual meeting ground for all scientists of the Laboratory. In this role they serve a double purpose: they are to acquaint the listeners with new developments and ideas not only in their own field, but also in other important fields of science, and to give them a heightened awareness of the aims and potentialities of Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Before describing some recent research or the novel design and possible uses of a machine or apparatus, the lecturers attempt to familiarize the audience with the background of the topic to be treated and to define unfamiliar terms as far as possible.

Of course we are fully conscious of the numerous hurdles and pitfalls which necessarily beset such a venture. In particular, the difference in outlook and method between physical and biological sciences presents formidable difficulties.

However, if we wish to be aware of progress in other fields of science, we have to consider each obstacle as a challenge which can be met.

The lectures are found to yield some incidental rewards which heighten their spell: In order to organize his talk the lecturer has to look at his work with a new, wider perspective, which provides a satisfying contrast to the often very specialized point of view from which he usually approaches his theoretical or experimental research. Conversely, during the discussion period after his talk, he may derive valuable stimulation from searching questions or technical advice received from listeners with different scientific backgrounds. The audience, on the other hand, has an opportunity to see a colleague who may have long been a friend or acquaintance in a new and interesting light.


Event Announcements


Event Announcements

301st Brookhaven Lecture
Dec. 21, 1994
Looking Inside the Proton With Scattered Laser Light
Andrew Sandorfi, Physics

302nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 18, 1995
2001 - An Inner Space Odyssey: High Energy Physics in the Next Millenium
William Marciano, Physics

303rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 15, 1995
Is the Sky Falling? Measuring Ultraviolet Radiation Damage of DNA
John Sutherland, Biology

304th Brookhaven Lecture
March 15, 1995
DNA Sequencing for the Human Genome Project
William Studier, Biology

305th Brookhaven Lecture
April 19, 1995
Spinning Protons and Siberian Snakes
Tom Roser, AGS

306th Brookhaven Lecture
May 17, 1995
AChE in 3-D: Mysteries Revealed from the Crystal Structure
Joel Sussman, Chemistry and Biology

307th Brookhaven Lecture
June 28, 1995
Radiation Protection: Then and Now
Charles Meinhold, Advanced Technology

308th Brookhaven Lecture
September 13, 1995
Live Images of the Addicted Brain As Seen Through PET
Nora Volkow, Medical

309th Brookhaven Lecture
October 11, 1995
Magnetic Susceptibility in MRI--Imaging Brain Function
Charles Springer, Chemistry

310th Brookhaven Lecture
November 15, 1995
History of the Laboratory, Part III: The Goldhaber Years
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

311th Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1995
Ten Years After Chernobyl: Soviet-Designed Reactor Safety Today
William Horak, Advanced Technology

312th Brookhaven Lecture
January 31, 1995
Safeguarding Russian Nuclear Materials: U.S.-Russian Cooperation
C. Ruth Kempf, Advanced Technology

313th Brookhaven Lecture
February 14, 1996
Superconductors of a Different Stripe
John Tranquada, Physics

314th Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 1996
Accelerating High-Intensity Beam at the AGS
Mike Brennan, AGS

315th Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 1996
Catching Waves and Making Waves: Laser Accelerators and Their Inverses
Ilan Ben-Zvi, NSLS

316th Brookhaven Lecture
May 15, 1996
Harnessing Microbes to Clean Up Radioactive Waste
A. J. Francis, Applied Science

317th Brookhaven Lecture
June 19, 1996
The Route to the Top: Search for Last Quark.
Serban Protopopescu, Physics

318th Brookhaven Lecture
August 28, 1996
Engineering Enzymes to Make Better Oils
John Shanklin, Biology

319th Brookhaven Lecture
September 18, 1996
Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Radiological Releases and Their Impact on Long Island’s Environment
W. Robert Casey, Safety & Environmental Protection

320th Brookhaven Lecture
October 16, 1996
Revisiting the Big Bang: RHIC Research Program and Detectors
Samuel Aronson, Physics

321st Brookhaven Lecture
November 20, 1996
Is the Ozone (W)hole? From Ozone Depletion to Global Warming
Dan Imre, Applied Science

322nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 18, 1996
Ice skating, burning candles, and the role of surfaces in freezing and melting.
Ben Ocko, Physics

323rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 22, 1997
Neuro-Imaging with SPECT: Retrospect and Prospect
S. John Gatley, Medical

324th Brookhaven Lecture
February 26, 1997
Plane and Fancy: Flat Panel Laser Display
James Veligdan, Advanced Technology

325th Brookhaven Lecture
March 19, 1997
How Big Science Came to Long Island: the Birth of BNL
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

326th Brookhaven Lecture
April 30, 1997
High Temperature Superconductivity: The First Ten Years
Victory Emery, Physics

327th Brookhaven Lecture
May 22, 1997
Illuminating the 3-D Structure of a Lyme Disease Protein
Cathy Lawson, Biology

328th Brookhaven Lecture
June 25, 1997
Surface Electrochemistry: Surface Science with Potential
Radoslav Adzic, Applied Science

329th Brookhaven Lecture
September 17, 1997
Electron, Atom, Molecule and laser fields
Louis DiMauro, Chemistry

330th Brookhaven Lecture
October 29, 1997
Electron-Beam Ion Source: An Ion Source that Outstrips Others
Edward Beebe, AGS

331st Brookhaven Lecture
November 24, 1997
Ozone in the Troposphere - From Nashville to Kuwait
Peter Duam, Applied Science

331st Brookhaven Lecture
December 17, 1997
Recreating the Big Bang in the Laboratory: Theory and Phenomenology of RHIC
Klaus Kinder-Geiger, Physics

333rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 21, 1998
Two Brookhaven Parables: Changing Perceptions of Science
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

334th Brookhaven Lecture
February 25, 1998
Psychology of Organizations
Sonja Haber, Applied Technology

335th Brookhaven Lecture
March 25, 1998
Let There Be Darkness: A Search for Axions
Yannis Semertzidis, Physics

336th Brookhaven Lecture
April 22, 1998
Cloning a human virus receptor gene: implications for gene therapy
Paul Freimuth, Biology

337th Brookhaven Lecture
May 27, 1998
LIDAR: Chemical Analysis From Afar
Arthur Sedlacek, Applied Technology

338th Brookhaven Lecture
September 16, 1998
Chemical Dynamics: Tuning in Molecular Motion With FM Spectroscopy
Gregory Hall, Chemistry

339th Brookhaven Lecture
October 21, 1998
Rendering Asbestos Harmless
Leon Petrakis, Applied Science

340th Brookhaven Lecture
November 18, 1998
Fighting Brain Cancer: Clinical Aspects of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
Aidnag Diaz, Medical

341st Brookhaven Lecture
December 16, 1998
Breakdown: the events of 1997 at BNL
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

342nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 27, 1999
Beating the Odds on Rare Kaon Decay
Laurence Littenberg, Physics

343rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 24, 1999
Technologies Used for Environmental Restoration at BNL
Bill Gunther, Environmental Management

344th Brookhaven Lecture
March 24, 1999
Probing the Nature of Force: The Muon g-2 Experiment at the AGS
Ralf Prigl, AGS

345th Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 1999
Shaking Neutrons Loose: The Spallation Neutron Source at the AGS
Jerry Hastings, NSLS

346th Brookhaven Lecture
May 27, 1999
Macro-Molecular Machines at Work in the Intra-Cellular Assembly Line
John Flanagan, Biology

347th Brookhaven Lecture
June 16, 1999
Seeing is Believing: Advanced Electron Microscopy in Material Science
Yimei Zhu, Materials Science

348th Brookhaven Lecture
July 21, 1999
On the Threshold of Discovery at RHIC
Tim Hallman, Physics

349th Brookhaven Lecture
November 10, 1999
What Can Neutrons Tell Us About Molecular Structure and Dynamics: Exploring Matter with Neutrons
Tom Koetzle, Chemistry

351st Brookhaven Lecture
January 19, 2000
High Gain Harmonic Generation Free Electron Laser Results
Li-Hua Yu, NSLS

352nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 15, 2000
Fast Chemistry with BNL’s New LEAF
John Miller, Chemistry

353rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 26, 2000
A Genetic Approach to Cotton-Fiber Quality
Benjamin Burr, Biology

354th Brookhaven Lecture
May 17, 2000
From Aerosol Microphysics to Geophysics
Robert McGraw, Environmental Sciences

355th Brookhaven Lecture
June 14, 2000
RHIC Commissioning: The Gold Rush Toward Collision
Fulvia Pilat. Collider-Accelerator

356th Brookhaven Lecture
July 19, 2000
Wedding Lasers and Accelerators: the BNL DUV-FEL
Erik Johnson, NSLS

357th Brookhaven Lecture
October 18, 2000
Phenix’s First Flight: Continuing the Search for Quark-Gluon Plasma
Jeffrey Mitchell, Physics

358th Brookhaven Lecture
November 29, 2000
Partnership for Nuclear Safety: The U.S. Helps Russians Help Themselves
Leslie Fishbone, Nonproliferation and National Security

359th Brookhaven Lecture
December 20, 2000
Building Better Batteries: Improving Materials for Hydrogen Storage
Tom Vogt, Physics

360th Brookhaven Lecture
January 31, 2001
A Softer X-Ray View into the Diamond Anvil Cell: Electronic Structure of Materials under High Pressure
Chi-Chang Kao, NSLS

361st Brookhaven Lecture
February 21, 2001
Structural Genomics: Bringing the Genome to Life
William Studier, Biology

362nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 21, 2001
Environmental Catalysis: Unraveling the Mysteries Behind Desulfurization
Jose Rodriguez, Chemistry

363rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 18, 2001
What Have We Learned From RHIC?
Mark Baker, Chemistry

364th Brookhaven Lecture
May 16, 2001
From Anarchy to Oligarchy: Structure-Magnetism Connections, Magnetism in Nanosystems
Laura Lewis, Energy Sciences &Technology

365th Brookhaven Lecture
June 20, 2001
Brain Changes with Obesity
Gene-Jack Wang, Medical

366th Brookhaven Lecture
September 19, 2001
Investigating Bacterial Nanotoxins
Subramanyam Swaminathan, Biology

367th Brookhaven Lecture
October 23, 2001
Tickling Superconductors with Infrared Light
Larry Carr, NSLS

368th Brookhaven Lecture
December 12, 2001
Protons for Cancer Therapy and Imaging
Stephen Peggs, Collider-Accelerator

369th Brookhaven Lecture
January 16, 2002
Materials Science at the Nanoscale
David Welch, Materials Sciences

370th Brookhaven Lecture
February 20, 2002
On Inspection with the International Atomic Energy Agency
Susan Pepper, Nonproliferation and National Security

371st Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 2002
Strangeness in Nuclei
Morgan May, Physics

372nd Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 2002
An Overview of the SNS Project: A Personal Perspective
Bill Weng, Center for Accelerator Physics

373rd Brookhaven Lecture
June 4, 2002
Chemical Dynamics: Imaging the Intimate Lives of Molecules
Arthur Suits, Chemistry

374th Brookhaven Lecture
June 19, 2002
Probing Hot, Dense Matter with Hard Probes
Thomas Ulrich, Physics

375th Brookhaven Lecture
July 17, 2002
Clouds and Climate Through a Soda Straw
Mark Miller, Environmental Sciences

376th Brookhaven Lecture
September 18, 2002
Atomic Sinner: J. Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

377th Brookhaven Lecture
October 16, 2002
Magnetism in Ultra-Thin Films
Elio Vescovo, NSLS

378th Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 2002
Proton Radiography: To See or Not to See?
George Greene, Energy Sciences and Technology

379th Brookhaven Lecture
January 15, 2003
Why Does Houston Have a Texas-Sized Ozone Problem?
Larry Kleinmann, Environmental Sciences

380th Brookhaven Lecture
February 12, 2003
Electron Cooling at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
Ilan Ben-Zvi, Collider-Accelerator and Physics

381st Brookhaven Lecture
March 19, 2003
Bacterial Biosensors: Tools to Manage Soils and Sludge Contaminated with Heavy Metals
Daniel van der Lelie, Biology

382nd Brookhaven Lecture
April 16, 2003
From RHIC to Rats: Detector Technology Applied to Medical Research
David, Schlyer, Chemistry

383rd Brookhaven Lecture
May 21, 2003
Jet Physics at RHIC: Focusing High-Energy Tools on Nuclear Collisions
David Morrison, Physics

384th Brookhaven Lecture
June 18, 2003
The dAu of RHIC: The Challenges of Flexible RHIC Operations
Todd Satogata, Collider-Accelerator

385th Brookhaven Lecture
July 16, 2003
Batteries: From Frogs’ Legs to Hybrid Vehicles
Jim McBreen, Materials Science

386th Brookhaven Lecture
September 17, 2003
The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments in Physics
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

387th Brookhaven Lecture
October 15, 2003
Ionic Liquids: Salt for the Earth
James Wishart, Chemistry

388th Brookhaven Lecture
November 12, 2003
Understanding and Improving Crew Performance in Complex Systems
John O’Hara, Energy Sciences & Technology

389th Brookhaven Lecture
December 17, 2003
Nanoscale Twist in Liquid Crystal Miniature Video Displays
Ron Pindak, NSLS

390th Brookhaven Lecture
January 29, 2004
Making High Temperature Superconductors Work
Mas Suenaga, Materials Science

391st Brookhaven Lecture
February 25, 2004
Cultivating Crystallography: A Research Resource for Biomolecular Structure at the NSLS
Robert Sweet, Biology

392nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 17, 2004
Multi-Modality Imaging in Small Animals: What Imaging Can Tell Us About Diseases and Treatments
Helene Benveniste, Life Sciences ALD

393rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 2004
ATLAS at the LHC: Exploring the Energy Frontier
Hong Ma, Physics

394th Brookhaven Lecture
May 19, 2004
Protecting Our National Security: BNL’s Contributions
Paul Moskowitz, Nonproliferation and National Security

395th Brookhaven Lecture
June 16, 2004
NSRL: Evaluating the Space-Radiation-Associated Risks to Space Travelers
Adam Rusek, Collider-Accelerator

396th Brookhaven Lecture
September 22, 2004
Scientific Journals: What Does the Future Hold?
Martin Blume, APS

397th Brookhaven Lecture
October 13, 2004
Applications of Scientific Visualization
Michael McGuigan, ITD

398th Brookhaven Lecture
November 17, 2004
Quantitative MRI Studies of Water in the Brain: Insights Into Multiple Sclerosis
William Rooney, Chemistry

399th Brookhaven Lecture
December 17, 2004
Diffraction Enhanced Imaging: Seeing X-Rays as One Sees the Light
Zhong Zhong, NSLS

400th Brookhaven Lecture
January 19, 2005
The Role of Empirical Rules in Predicting Directions in Science
Maurice Goldhaber, Physics

201st Brookhaven Lecture
June 22, 1983
Environmental Impact Assessment: Theories and Applications
Frederick Lipfert, Applied Science

202nd Brookhaven Lecture
November 16, 1983
The Bering Sea: From Probes to Ishtar
Terry Whitledge, Energy & Environment

203rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 8, 1984
How Do You Know What a Reactor Will Do?
Melvin Levine, Nuclear Energy

204th Brookhaven Lecture
March 21, 1984
The Computer Connection
Graham Campbell, Applied Math

205th Brookhaven Lecture
May 16, 1984
Crown Gall: A System for Genetic Engineering in Plants
Daniela Sciaky, Biology

206th Brookhaven Lecture
June 20, 1984
Identifying Genotoxic Hazards to Humans
Ray Tice, Medical

207th Brookhaven Lecture
September 19, 1984
A Tale of Two Bosons
William Marciano, Physics

208th Brookhaven Lecture
October 17, 1984
Fuel Cells: The Promise and the Problems
James McBreen, Applied Science

209th Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1984
The Geometry of Chaos
H. Bruce Stewart, Applied Math

210th Brookhaven Lecture
December 12, 1984
Nuclear Power Plants: The Next Generation
James G. Guppy, Nuclear Energy

211th Brookhaven Lecture
January 16, 1985
Using the Light Fantastic
Gwyn Williams, NSLS

212th Brookhaven Lecture
February 20, 1985
Spinning Tops and Protons
Yousef Makdisi, Accelerator

213th Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 1985
Why Grasse is Greene, or Why Our Blood is Red
Louise Hanson, Applied Science

214th Brookhaven Lecture
April 24, 1985
The Quest for Quark Matter
Thomas Ludlam, Physics

215th Brookhaven Lecture
May 29, 1985
Photosynthetic Cycles and Plant Productivty
Geoffrey Hind, Biology

216th Brookhaven Lecture
June 12, 1985
Regulation of Production of the Hungry Granulocyte - Friend and Foe
Eugene Cronkite, Medical

217th Brookhaven Lecture
October 2, 1985
How to Predict Your Future From Someone Else's Past
Herbert Robbins, Applied Math.

218th Brookhaven Lecture
October 23, 1985
Bubbles and Bosons - A Romp Through Memory Lane
Robert Palmer, Director's Office

219th Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1985
Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Robert Bari, Nuclear Energy

220th Brookhaven Lecture
December 18, 1985
The SSC and BNL's Role In It
Paul Reardon, Director's Office

221st Brookhaven Lecture
January 22, 1986
Preventing the Toxicity of Cyclic Peptides of Blue-Green Algae and Mushrooms
Bill Adams, Medical

222nd Brookhaven Lecture
February 19, 1986
Semi-Conductor Detectors Revisited
Hobie Kraner, Instrumentation

223rd Brookhaven Lecture
March 19, 1986
Life and Death on the Continental Shelf
Gil Rowe, Applied Science

224th Brookhaven Lecture
April 9, 1986
Neutrons, Electrons and the Tie That Binds
Hywel White, Physics

225th Brookhaven Lecture
May 21, 1986
What Can Neutrons Tell Us About Molecular Structure?
Thomas Koetzle, Chemistry

226th Brookhaven Lecture
June 18, 1986
Bacterial Weapons: Tools of Biotechnology
Sanford Lacks, Biology

227th Brookhaven Lecture
September 24, 1986
The Chernobyl Accident
Herbert Kouts, Nuclear Energy

228th Brookhaven Lecture
October 23, 1986
How We Caught Quarks by the Tail
Michael J. Tannenbaum, Physics

229th Brookhaven Lecture
November 19, 1986
The Role of Destructive Enzymes in Heart Attack and Cancer
Walter Mangel, Biology

230th Brookhaven Lecture
December 17, 1986
Tapping the Earth's Geothermal Resources - Hydrothermal Today, Magma Tomorrow
Lawrence Kukacka, Applied Science

231st Brookhaven Lecture
January 21, 1987
SDI at Brookhaven - The Neutral Particle Beam Program
Pierre Grand, Nuclear Energy

232nd Brookhaven Lecture
February 18, 1987
The State of the Art (and Science) of Blood-Cell Labeling
Srivastava, Medical

233rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 22, 1987
Chemical Surface Bonds - Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Michael Knotek

234th Brookhaven Lecture
May 20, 1987
Relativistic Jets and the Most Powerful Radio Sources in the Universe
Alan Bridle, Nat'l. Radio Astronomy Observatory

235th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1987
'Follow that Quark!' And Other Exclusive Stories
Alan Carroll, Accelerator

236th Brookhaven Lecture
September 16, 1987
The Early History of AUI and BNL
Norman Ramsey, Harvard University

237th Brookhaven Lecture
October 14, 1987
The Cosmotron, BNL 52107
John Blewett, Director's Office

238th Brookhaven Lecture
November 18, 1987
Landmarks in Particle Physics at Brookhaven
Robert Adair, Director's Office

239th Brookhaven Lecture
December 16, 1987
Biomedical Research at Brookhaven and Rockefeller Hospital - Our Common Heritage
Vincent Dole, Rockefeller Univ.

240th Brookhaven Lecture
January 20, 1988
Promises and Challenges: A Metallurgist's View of High Temperature Superconductors
Masaki Suenaga, Applied Science

241st Brookhaven Lecture
February 17, 1988
When Stars Explode: Supernova 1987a
Jerry Cooperstein, Physics

242nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 16, 1988
Experimental Modeling of Severe Nuclear Reactor Accident Phenomena, BNL 52140
Ted Ginsberg, Nuclear Energy

243rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 27, 1988
Modern Views of Molecules by Multiphoton Spectroscopy
Michael White, Chemistry

244th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1988
Labeling Molecules for Biology and Medicine with STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope)
Jim Hainfeld, Biology

245th Brookhaven Lecture
September 28, 1988
International Safeguards - Accounting for Nuclear Materials
Les Fishbone, Nuclear Energy

246th Brookhaven Lecture
October 26, 1988
High Temperature Superconductors: The Current Prospects
Dave Welch, Applied Science

247th Brookhaven Lecture
November 16, 1988
Working Against Time: Using PET to Probe Human Biochemistry
Joanna S. Fowler, Chemistry

248th Brookhaven Lecture
December 14, 1988
How DNA is Packaged in the Cell
Venki Ramakrishnan, Biology

249th Brookhaven Lecture
January 25, 1989
Groundwater: Protecting the Unseen Resource
Jan Naidu, Safety & Environmental Protection

250th Brookhaven Lecture
February 15, 1989
Metrology of X-ray Optics: Journey to Incredible Precision
Peter Takacs, Instrumentation

251st Brookhaven Lecture
March 22, 1989
Rare K Decays: Searching for One in a Billion
William Morse, Physics

252nd Brookhaven Lecture
May 24, 1989
Electronic Structure Since Dirac
Jim Davenport, Physics

253rd Brookhaven Lecture
July 19, 1989
Compact Light Sources for Super-Dense Chips
Richard Heese, NSLS

254th Brookhaven Lecture
September 21, 1989
Boron Neutron Capture Therapy of Brain Tumors
Daniel Slatkin, Medical

255th Brookhaven Lecture
October 11, 1989
Does Photosynthesis in the Ocean Regulate Global Climate?
Paul Falkowski, Applied Science

256th Brookhaven Lecture
November 15, 1989
The Fifth Force - is it still with us?
Samuel Aronson, Physics

257th Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1989
Ozone Depletion and Melanoma: A Fish Story
Richard Setlow, Biology

258th Brookhaven Lecture
January 17, 1990
Frontiers of X-ray Scattering
Jerome B. Hastings, NSLS

259th Brookhaven Lecture
February 27, 1990
Seismic Studies of Reactor Components
Charles Hofmayer, Nuclear Energy

260th Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 1990
Chemical Dynamics Using Lasers
Trevor Sears, Chemistry

261st Brookhaven Lecture
May 16, 1990
From Anthracite to Zeolite - Elemental Analysis using Photon and Ion Beams
Keith Jones, Applied Science

262nd Brookhaven Lecture
June 20, 1990
Micromechanics: Great Expectations, Scientific Realities
John Warren, Instrumentation

263rd Brookhaven Lecture
October 17, 1990
Tailoring Surface Properties - An Interface Between Physics and Chemistry
Myron Strongin, Physics

264th Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1990
A Scintillating Search for A Rare Kaon Decay
John Haggerty, Physics

265th Brookhaven Lecture
December 12, 1990
Containing Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants
Trevor Pratt, Nuclear Engineering

266th Brookhaven Lecture
January 16, 1991
Hunting for Elusive Solar Neutrinos
Richard Hahn, Chemistry

267th Brookhaven Lecture
February 20, 1991
Functional Imaging of the Brain, Heart, Lungs and Skeleton - What to Expect from SPECT
David Weber, Medical

268th Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 1991
Coronary Angiography at the National Synchrotron Light Source
William Thomlinson, NSLS

269th Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 1991
Making Protein Structure Crystal Clear
Robert Sweet, Biology

270th Brookhaven Lecture
May 15, 1991
Global Climate Change: Uncertainties and Policy Implications
Bernard Manowitz, Applied Science

271st Brookhaven Lecture
June 12, 1991
X-ray Imaging with Today's Gas Proportional Detectors
Graham Smith, Instrumentation

272nd Brookhaven Lecture
September 11, 1991
Reducing Bone Pain In Cancer Patients Using Radioactive Tin
Leonard Mausner, Medical

273rd Brookhaven Lecture
October 24, 1991
Biotechnology Without Genetic Engineering: The Use of Microbial Processes
Gene Premuzic, Applied Science

274th Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1991
The Magnetism Of Surfaces
Peter Johnson, Physics

275th Brookhaven Lecture
December 18, 1991
Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics: A New Frontier
Peter Bond, Physics

276th Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1992
From The Films To Deep Oceans - Reactor Cooling To Global Warming
Romney B. Duffey, Nuclear Energy

277th Brookhaven Lecture
April 16, 1992
The AGS Booster: On The Way To RHIC
W.T. (Bill) Weng, Accelerator Division Head

278th Brookhaven Lecture
May 27, 1992
Lasers In Accelerators: Lighting The Way To The Next Generation
Triveni Srinivasan-Rao, Instrumentation

279th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1992
Technologies For Arms Control Verification
Joseph Indusi, Nuclear Energy

280th Brookhaven Lecture
September 16, 1992
Lyme Disease - A Macro Look At A Micro Cause
John Dunn, Biology

281st Brookhaven Lecture
October 22, 1992
Realistic Risk Assessment For Remediation at DOE
Leonard D. Hamilton, Applied Science

282nd Brookhaven Lecture
November 18, 1992
The Turquoise Trail Before Columbus
Garman Harbottle, Chemistry

283rd Brookhaven Lecture
December 16, 1992
At The Edge Of Chaos: Self-Organized Criticality And Catastrophes
Per Bak, Physics

284th Brookhaven Lecture
February 10, 1993
The Particle Bed Reactor: Nuclear Rockets And Beyond
James Powell, Nuclear Energy

285th Brookhaven Lecture
March 10, 1993
Towards A Brighter NSLS
Sam Krinsky, NSLS

286th Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 1993
The Search For The Lost Quark - The D-Zero Experiment
Howard Gordon, Physics

287th Brookhaven Lecture
May 12, 1993
From Isabelle To The SSC - The Mysteries Of Superconducting Magnets
Robert Palmer, Center For Accelerator Physics

288th Brookhaven Lecture
June 16, 1993
Making Tritium Using Accelerators
Greg Van Tuyle, Nuclear Energy

289th Brookhaven Lecture
September 14, 1993
Using PET to Investigate Pathways in the Brain
Stephen Dewey, Chemistry

290th Brookhaven Lecture
October 13, 1993
History of the Laboratory, Part I: The Early Years
Robert P. Crease, Jr., Director’s Office

291st Brookhaven Lecture
November 17, 1993
Face in the Forest: Manipulating Intact Ecosystems
George Hendrey, Applied Science

292nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 15, 1993
Neutron Studies of Layering & Melting
John Larese, Chemistry

293rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 12, 1994
Measuring Muons Magnetically: The g-2 Experiment at BNL
Gerry M. Bunce, AGS

294th Brookhaven Lecture
February 23, 1994
Helping to Contain the Bomb
Ann Reisman, Applied Technology

295th Brookhaven Lecture
March 16, 1994
Chips off an Old Block: Custom-Integrated Circuits for Science
Paul O'Connor, Instrumentation

296th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1994
Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: Encouraging Results for Brain Cancer Treatment
Jeffrey Coderre, Medical

297th Brookhaven Lecture
June 15, 1994
Detecting the Oceans’ Uptake of Fossil Fuel CO2
Douglas Wallace, Applied Science

298th Brookhaven Lecture
Oct. 4, 1994
Safety of Next-Generation Reactors
Upendra Rohatgi, Applied Technology

299th Brookhaven Lecture
Oct. 18, 1994
Laboratory History, Part II - The Haworth Years
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

300th Brookhaven Lecture
Nov. 2, 1994
Universal Properties of Fundamental Particles
Maurice Goldhaber, Director’s Office

101st Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 1971
Science and the Federal Government
Leland J. Haworth, Special Consultant to the Director

102nd Brookhaven Lecture
May 19, 1971
Meristematic Mystique or the Mysteries of Mitosis
Jack Van't Hof, Biology

103rd Brookhaven Lecture
June 23, 1971
Nuclear Methods in the Service of Archaeology: Brookhaven Studies in Ancient Mesoamerica
Garman Harbottle, Chemistry

104th Brookhaven Lecture
September 15, 1971
Defending the Environment - A Case History, BNL 50309
Dennis Puleston, Environmental Defense Fund

105th Brookhaven Lecture
October 6, 1971
Concrete-Polymer Materials Development, A Goal Oriented Program, BNL 50313
Meyer Steinberg, Applied Science

106th Brookhaven Lecture
November 10, 1971
The Triple Helix
Edwin A. Popenoe, Medical

107th Brookhaven Lecture
January 19, 1972
Innovation, Invention, and Patents, BNL 50392
Daniel M. Schaeffer, Technical Information Division.

108th Brookhaven Lecture
February 16, 1972
Model Systems for Iron Sulphur Proteins
Ivan Bernal, Chemistry

109th Brookhaven Lecture
March 15, 1972
Calcium Homeostasis - The Hard Facts About Soft Bones, BNL 50345
Stanton Cohn, Medical

110th Brookhaven Lecture
April 19, 1972
ISABELLE - A Crossroad for Physics
Fred Mills, Accelerator

111th Brookhaven Lecture
May 24, 1972
Computer Simulation of Electrochemical Phenomena
Stephen W. Feldberg, Applied Science

112th Brookhaven Lecture
June 21, 1972
After Twenty-Five Years - The AUI Concept and Changing National R&D Objectives
Gerald F. Tape, President, AUI

113th Brookhaven Lecture
September 27, 1972
Cosmology and Observation
Sebastian von Hoerner, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

114th Brookhaven Lecture
October 25, 1972
Warm Watts and Cool Currents - Power Transmission by Superconducting Cable
Eric B. Forsyth, Accelerator

115th Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1972
The Search for Superheavy Elements
Augustus Prince, Applied Science

116th Brookhaven Lecture
January 10, 1973
Conformation of Neurohypohyseal Hormones in Relation to Their Biology
Roderich Walter and Irving Schwartz, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

117th Brookhaven Lecture
February 21, 1973
The Brookhaven 200 MeV Proton Injector
Kenneth Batchelor, Accelerator

118th Brookhaven Lecture
April 16, 1973
Development of Radiation Protection Standards
Charles B. Meinhold, Health Physics and Safety

119th Brookhaven Lecture
June 20, 1973
Chemicals, Cancer, Hormones, Tumors, Radiation, and Rats
Clair J. Shellabarger, Medical

120th Brookhaven Lecture
October 10, 1973
Higher Plants as Microorganisms
Peter S. Carlson, Biology

121st Brookhaven Lecture
A Microscopic Picture of Chemical Kinetics in the Gas Phase
James Muckerman, Chemistry

122nd Brookhaven Lecture
The 8° Superconducting Magnet on the AGS Primary Beam
Gordon Danby, Accelerator

123rd Brookhaven Lecture
September 1974
Structure-Activity Correlations in Peptide Hormones: Ancestries Traced and Fortunes Read
John Glass, Medical

124th Brookhaven Lecture
January 1975
Smoke Over Tiana Beach; Plume Studies over Land and Sea
Paul Michael, Applied Science

125th Brookhaven Lecture
February 1975
Evaluation of Risk in Power Reactors
Cesar Sastre, Applied Science

126th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1975
Coastal Shelf Oceanography Program at Brookhaven
Bernard Manowitz, Applied Science

127th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1975
From Basic Research to Skin Cancer and SSTs in Three Easy Steps
Richard Setlow, Biology

128th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1975
Energy Options
Phil Palmedo, Applied Science

129th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1975
Where do the Neutrons Go?
Walter Kane, Physics

130th Brookhaven Lecture
October 1975
Galaxies, Quasars and Cosmology
David Heeschen, NRAO

131st Brookhaven Lecture
December 1975
Neutron Scattering Analysis of Biological Systems
Benno Schoenborn, Biology

132nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 23, 1976
The Brookhaven Solar Neutrino Experiments: Past, Present and Future
Ray Davis, Chemistry

133rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 25, 1976
Molecular Order, Anarchy and Revolution; Neutron Scattering Studies of Structural Instabilities in Solids
John D. Axe, Jr.

134th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1976
Hard Core Porophynography - Biological Role of Porphyrin Radicals
Jack Fajer, Applied Science

135th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1976
Gene Swapping
Jane K. Setlow, Biology

136th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1976
Neutrinos: Charm and Sex
Robert Palmer, Physics

137th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1976
Twenty-Two Years After Fallout - Marshall Island Medical Surveys
Robert A. Conard, Medical

138th Brookhaven Lecture
September 1976
Nuclear Material Safeguards
William A. Higinbotham, Applied Science

139th Brookhaven Lecture
September 1976
Let's Talk About Magnification (A special lecture for young people)
John J. Kelsch, Instrumentation

140th Brookhaven Lecture
October 1976
Prospects for Fusion Power
James R. Powell, Applied Science

141st Brookhaven Lecture
December 1976
Power vs. People - Cutting the Human Costs
Leonard D. Hamilton, Medical & Applied Science

142nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 1976
Solar Energy: A Review of the Current Technology
James G. Cottingham, Accelerator

143rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 1977
Interaction of Particles with Antiparticles and the Problem of Nuclear Forces
Carl B. Dover, Physics

144th Brookhaven Lecture
February 1977
Kindling the Fusion Reactor
Alfred W. Maschke, Accelerator

145th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1977
Whither Energy: Future Shock or a Greening?
Kenneth C. Hoffman, Applied Science

146th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1977
Energy Choices for the Future
Mark K. Goldstein, Applied Science

147th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1977
ISABELLE - A New High Energy Physics Facility for Brookhaven
James R. Sanford, Director's Office

148th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1977
Radiopharmaceutical Research
Alfred P. Wolf, Chemistry

149th Brookhaven Lecture
September 1977
On the Theory of Things, or, Does Science Have Anything to Say to Society?
R. Christian Anderson, Director's Office

150th Brookhaven Lecture
October 1977
Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems
Maxwell M. Small, Energy & Environment

151st Brookhaven Lecture
November 1977
Biological Traffic Signals
John J. Dunn, Biology

152nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 1977
The Sulfur You Breathe
Leonard Newman, Energy & Environment

153rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 1978
Energy and the Environment - Missions Possible
Kenneth C. Hoffman, Energy & Environment

154th Brookhaven Lecture
February 1978
Heavy Ions and Rabbits - The Search for New Isotopes
David E. Alburger, Physics

155th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1978
Heavy, Heavy (Water) Hangs over thy Head? (Tritium - a Hazard in the Environment?)
Arland Carsten, Medical

156th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1978
Plans and Programs of the Nuclear Energy
Herbert J. Kouts, Nuclear Energy

157th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1978
The Multiparticle Spectrometer - Computerized Viewing of High Energy Particles
Seymour J. Lindenbaum, Physics

158th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1978
Tagging and Tracing Breezes and Bombs
Russel N. Dietz, Energy & Environment

159th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1978
Synchrotron Radiation and What You Can Do With It
Martin Blume, Physics

160th Brookhaven Lecture
November 1, 1978
Human Viruses in the Long Island Environment or Whither Sewage
James M. Vaughn, Energy & Environment

161st Brookhaven Lecture
November 29, 1978
The Janus-faced Superoxide Radical
Benon H. J. Bielski, Chemistry

162nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1978
Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about - ISABELLE - But Were Afraid to Ask
Melvin Month, Accelerator

163rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 28, 1979
Counting Atoms - Weighing Molecules
Joseph S. Wall, Biology

164th Brookhaven Lecture
March 21, 1979
Testing of Airborne Contaminants - Do They Produce Lung Cancer?
Robert T. Drew, Medical

165th Brookhaven Lecture
April 25, 1979
Sailing the Coastal Shelf from Tiana Beach to the Bering Sea
John J. Walsh, Energy & Environment

166th Brookhaven Lecture
June 27, 1979
Acid Rain - Causes and Effects
George R. Hendrey, Energy & Environment

167th Brookhaven Lecture
September 26, 1979
Three Mile Island as Seen from the Mainland - An Environmental Perspective
Andrew Hull, Safety & Environmental Protection Division

168th Brookhaven Lecture
October 24, 1979
Studying Skin Cancer in a Test Tube
Betsy Sutherland, Biology

169th Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1979
Energy Future: A Prime for Secondary School Teachers
Donald J. Metz, Energy & Environment

170th Brookhaven Lecture
January 23, 1980
Lessons Learned from Three Mile Island
Walter Kato, Nuclear Energy

171st Brookhaven Lecture
February 20, 1980
Toward 1984 - Computerized Data Bases
Kurt Fuchel, Applied Math.

172nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 19, 1980
How Will the Northeast Survive the Next Oil Embargo?
Peter M. Meier, Energy & Environment

173rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 23, 1980
Estimating Genetic Effects of Radiation
Michael Bender, Medical

174th Brookhaven Lecture
May 21, 1980
Random Notes on Science and Technology in China - Past and Present
R. Ronald Rau, Director's Office

175th Brookhaven Lecture
June 18, 1980
Breaking Away
Vance Sailor, Energy & Environment

176th Brookhaven Lecture
September 17, 1980
Oceanography and Anchovies
Sharon L. Smith, Energy & Environment

177th Brookhaven Lecture
October 15, 1980
Reminiscing on Accelerators
John P. Blewett, Accelerator

178th Brookhaven Lecture
November 19, 1980
National Laboratories in Support of International Safeguards
Leon Green, Nuclear Energy

179th Brookhaven Lecture
December 17, 1980
Shedding Light on Chemistry with Lasers
Ralph E. Weston, Chemistry

180th Brookhaven Lecture
January 21, 1981
Position Sensitive Radiation Detectors - Scientist's Eye into Nature
Veljko Radeka, Instrumentation

181st Brookhaven Lecture
February 18, 1981
Worreywort, Spiderwort or Tradescantia
Lloyd Schairer, Biology

182nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1981
Taking a Chance on Life
Samuel Morris, Energy & Environment

183rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 29, 1981
Metal Hydrides and Hydrogen Storage
James Reilly, Energy & Environment

184th Brookhaven Lecture
May 13, 1981
Roulette Wheels and Quark Confinement
Michael Creutz, Physics

185th Brookhaven Lecture
June 10, 1981
Nuclear Medicine - Update 1981
A. Bertrand Brill, Medical

186th Brookhaven Lecture
December 9, 1981
The Particle Beam Weapons Controversy
Mark Barton, Accelerator

187th Brookhaven Lecture
January 20, 1982
Between Wind and Wave: Meteorology at the Interface
S. SethuRaman, Energy & Environment

188th Brookhaven Lecture
February 10, 1982
Radioactive Waste Isolation: A New Challenge for Science
M. Sue Davis, Energy & Environment

189th Brookhaven Lecture
March 17, 1982
Searching for Neutrino Oscillations
Michael Murtagh, Physics

190th Brookhaven Lecture
April 14, 1982
What Does Theory Do for Chemistry These Days?
Marshall D. Newton, Chemistry

191st Brookhaven Lecture
June 9, 1982
Molecules on the Move
Marshall Elzinga, Biology

192nd Brookhaven Lecture
October 6, 1982
Can Hindsight Plus Research Improve Foresight?
John Weeks, Nuclear Energy

193rd Brookhaven Lecture
October 27, 1982
Spin Glasses: A Physicist's Frustration
Stephen Shapiro, Physics

194th Brookhaven Lecture
November 10, 1982
Adenoviruses: Spies that Came from a Cold
Carl Anderson, Biology

195th Brookhaven Lecture
December 8, 1982
Experiments with Strange Nuclei
Robert Chrien, Physics

196th Brookhaven Lecture
January 26, 1983
Both Sides Now -- The Chemistry of Clouds
Stephen Schwartz, Energy & Environment

197th Brookhaven Lecture
February 23, 1983
Frontiers in Particle Physics
Ling-Lie Chau, Physics

198th Brookhaven Lecture
March 16, 1983
The Frobisher Voyages, and the Turin Shroud
Garman Harbottle, Chemistry

199th Brookhaven Lecture
April 20, 1983
Cancer Radiotherapy: In Pursuit of a Magic Bullet
Ralph Fairchild, Medical

200th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1983
The Question of Proton Stability
Maurice Goldhaber, Physics

1st Brookhaven Lecture
November 16, 1960
Radioastronomy and Communication Through Space
Edward M. Purcell, Physics

2nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 14, 1960
Current Ideas on the Endocrine Regulation of Cellular Processes
Irving Schwartz, Medical

3rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 11, 1961
Inside the Protein Molecule
Werner Hirs, Biology

4th Brookhaven Lecture
February 15, 1961
Nuclear Chemistry Research With the Cosmotron
Gerhart Friedlander, Chemistry

5th Brookhaven Lecture
March 15, 1961
Neutron Physics of and with the High Flux Beam Research Reactor
Herbert Kouts, Nuclear Engineering

6th Brookhaven Lecture
April 12, 1961
High Energy Accelerators
Ernest Courant, Physics

7th Brookhaven Lecture
May 17, 1961
Dislocations in Crystal Lattices
George H. Vineyard, Physics

8th Brookhaven Lecture
June 14, 1961
The History of Cosmic Rays and Meteorites
Oliver A. Schaeffer, Chemistry

9th Brookhaven Lecture
September 27, 1961
The Physics of Semiconductor Radiation Detectors
G. L. Miller, Instrumentation and Health Physics

10th Brookhaven Lecture
October 18, 1961
Theory of the Gene
Milislav Demerec, Biology

11th Brookhaven Lecture
November 15, 1961
Fundamental Particles of Physics
Maurice Goldhaber, Director, BNL

12th Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1961
Excessive Salt Intake and Hypertension: A Dietary and Genetic Interplay
Lewis K. Dahl, Medical

13th Brookhaven Lecture
January 17, 1962
Otto Struve, Nat'l. Radio Astronomy Observatory

14th Brookhaven Lecture
February 14, 1962
A Computer Learns to See
Paul Hough, Physics

15th Brookhaven Lecture
March 14, 1962
Wet Electrons - The Radiation Chemistry of Water
A. O. Allen, Chemistry

16th Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 1962
Fundamental Studies of Radiation in Graphite
Donald G. Schweitzer, Nuclear Engineering

17th Brookhaven Lecture
May 16, 1962
The Role of the Cell Nucleus in Determining Radiosensitivity
Arnold H. Sparrow, Biology

18th Brookhaven Lecture
June 13, 1962
Accelerators of the Future
John P. Blewett, Accelerator
19th Brookhaven Lecture
September 19, 1962
The Renewal of Cells and Molecules - The Fountain of Youth
Walter L. Hughes, Medical

20th Brookhaven Lecture
October 17, 1962
A Neutron's Eye View of Magnetic Materials
Julius M. Hastings, Chemistry

21st Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1962
Landscaping the Groves of Academe
R. C. Anderson, Director's Office

22nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 12, 1962
Chemical Communication Systems in the Cell
Henry Quastler, Biology

23rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 9, 1963
Neutrino Physics
Leon M. Lederman, Physics

24th Brookhaven Lecture
February 13, 1963
The Use and Misuse of the Atmosphere
Maynard E. Smith, Instrumentation and Health Physics

25th Brookhaven Lecture
March 6, 1963
The Nucleus Today
Denys Wilkinson, Physics

26th Brookhaven Lecture
April 10, 1963
Trace Metals: Essential or Detrimental To Life
George C. Cotzias, Medical

27th Brookhaven Lecture
May 15, 1963
The Early Days of the Quantized Atom
Samuel A. Goudsmit, Physics

28th Brookhaven Lecture
June 19, 1963
Catalysis in Life and in the Test Tube
Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., Biology

29th Brookhaven Lecture
September 25, 1963
Collisions of "Elementary" Particles with Protons at High Energies
Seymour J. Lindenbaum, Physics

30th Brookhaven Lecture
October 16, 1963
Chemistry of Isotopes
Jacob Bigeleisen, Chemistry

31st Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1963
The Nuclear Reactor Comes of Age
Jack Chernick, Nuclear Engineering

32nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 15, 1964
Radio Galaxies
David Heeschen , National Radio Astronomy Observatory

33rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 12, 1964
The Impact of Isotopic Tracers on Physiological Concepts
James R. Robertson, Medical

34th Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1964
The Biology of Aging
Howard J. Curtis

35th Brookhaven Lecture
April 15, 1964
The Problem of Development
Ernst W. Caspari, University of Rochester

36th Brookhaven Lecture
May 6, 1964
Bubble Chambers: Instruments for High Energy Physics Experiments
William B. Fowler, Physics

37th Brookhaven Lecture
May 20, 1964
Bubble Chamber Experiments - Alpha to Omega Minus
Nicholas P. Samios, Physics

38th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1964
"Hot Atoms" and Their Reaction with Organic Compounds
Alfred P. Wolf, Chemistry

39th Brookhaven Lecture
September 23, 1964
Chemical-Biochemical Signal and Noise - Resolution at Low Temperature
Simon Freed, Chemistry

40th Brookhaven Lecture
October 14,1964
Oriented Nuclei
Vance L. Sailor, Physics

41st Brookhaven Lecture
November 18, 1964
The Gases of the Blood
Donald V. Van Slyke, Medical

42nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 9, 1964
Mechanism of the Immune Response
Marian Elliot Koshland, Biology

43rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 20, 1965
The Ordered-Bed Breeder Reactor
Warren E. Winsche, Nuclear Engineering

44th Brookhaven Lecture
February 24, 1965
Talking to Computers
John E. Denes, Applied Mathematics

45th Brookhaven Lecture
March 24, 1965
Radiation and the Patterns of Nature
George Woodwell, Biology

46th Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 1965
Passage of Charged Particles Through Crystal Lattices
Cavid Erginsoy, Physics

47th Brookhaven Lecture
May 12, 1965
Chemical Crystallography
Walter C. Hamilton, Chemistry

48th Brookhaven Lecture
June 23, 1965
Extracorporeal Irradiation of the Blood and Lymph in the Study of Normal and Leukemic Cell Proliferation
Eugene P. Cronkite, Medical

49th Brookhaven Lecture
September 29, 1965
Neutrons as Magnetic Probes
Robert Nathans, Physics

50th Brookhaven Lecture
October 13, 1965
Symmetry Principles in Physics
C. N. Yang, Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton

51st Brookhaven Lecture
November 17, 1965
Defects in Crystals
G. J. Denes, Physics

52nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 15, 1965
Genetic Tobacco Tumors and the Problem of Differentiation
H. H. Smith, Biology

53rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 19, 1966
Nuclear Methods in Art and Archaeology
Edward V. Sayre, Chemistry
54th Brookhaven Lecture
February 16, 1966
Molecular Storage of Biological Information
Leonard D. Hamilton, Medical

55th Brookhaven Lecture
March 30, 1966
Early History of Associated Universities and Brookhaven National Laboratory
Norman F. Ramsey, Harvard University

56th Brookhaven Lecture
April 20, 1966
Gamma Rays for Fun and Profit
Bernard Manowitz, Nuclear Engineering

57th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1966
Health Physics Problems of High Energy Accelerators
F. P. Cowan, Instrumentation and Health Physics

58th Brookhaven Lecture
June 29, 1966
Some Mechanisms of Meson Creation
Edward O. Salant, Physics

59th Brookhaven Lecture
September 28, 1966
The Dynamic Structure of Liquids
Arthur Peskin, Nuclear Engineering

60th Brookhaven Lecture
October 19, 1966
The Hunting of the Quark - The Fundamental Nuclear Particle?
Robert K. Adair, Accelerator

61st Brookhaven Lecture
November 22, 1966
Ion-Molecule Collision Processes
Lewis Friedman, Chemistry

62nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 11, 1967
Energy Conversion in Photosynthesis
John M. Olson, Biology

63rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 8, 1967
The Cellular Basis of Acute Radiation Death in the Mammal
Victor P. Bond, Medical

64th Brookhaven Lecture
March 8, 1967
The Rise and Stability of the Earth's Atmosphere
Lloyd V. Berkner, Southwest Center for Advanced Studies
and Lauriston C. Marshall, Southern Illinois University

65th Brookhaven Lecture
April 5, 1967
The Nature of the Lunar Surface
Thomas Gold, Cornell University

66th Brookhaven Lecture
May 24, 1967
Looking at Matter With Particles
Harry Palevsky, Physics

67th Brookhaven Lecture
June 21, 1967
The Mechanisms of Oxidation-Reduction Reactions in Solution
Norman Sutin, Chemistry

68th Brookhaven Lecture
September 20, 1967
Information Theory and Biology: A Critique and Resynthesis
Horton A. Johnson, Medical

69th Brookhaven Lecture
October 18, 1967
The AGS Conversion Project
G. W. Wheeler, Accelerator

70th Brookhaven Lecture
November 15, 1967
Radiation and Organic Liquids
Donald J. Metz, Nuclear Engineering

71st Brookhaven Lecture
January 17, 1968
Tampering With Heredity: The Genetic Transformation of Bacteria by DNA
Sanford Lacks, Biology

72nd Brookhaven Lecture
February 28, 1968
The Atomic Electrons and Nuclear Transition: Some Interrelationships
Morris L. Perlman, Chemistry

73rd Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 1968
The Search for Solar Neutrinos
Raymond Davis, Chemistry

74th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1, 1968
Superconducting Magnets
William B. Sampson, Accelerator

75th Brookhaven Lecture
May 29, 1968
The Molecular Basis of Enzyme Action: Current Views
Elliott N. Shaw, Biology

76th Brookhaven Lecture
July 10, 1968
Interatomic Forces in Chemical Reactions
Ralph E. Weston, Jr., Chemistry

77th Brookhaven Lecture
October 23, 1968
The Small Distance Frontier
George B. Collins, Physics

78th Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1968
Bile Pigments in Plants
H. W. Siegelman, Biology

79th Brookhaven Lecture
December 4, 1968
Parkinson's Disease: Relationships to Miners, Metals and Madness
George C. Cotzias, Medical

80th Brookhaven Lecture
January 22, 1969
2 to 20,000 GeV - Possible Vector Exchange?
Lyle W. Smith, Accelerator

81st Brookhaven Lecture
February 19, 1969
Accurate, Long-Range Extrapolation - The Pade Approximant
George A. Baker, Jr., Applied Mathematics

82nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 12, 1969
Modern Alchemy With Accelerators
James B. Cumming, Chemistry

83rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 9, 1969
What is an Elementary Particle?
Ronald F. Peierls, Physics

84th Brookhaven Lecture
May 14, 1969
Marked Money in the Carbohydrate-Fat Economy
Walton W. Shreeve, Medical

85th Brookhaven Lecture
June 11, 1969
Limiting the Nuclear Club
Herbert Kouts, Applied Science

86th Brookhaven Lecture
September 24, 1969
The Slow External Beam at the Brookhaven AGS
Mark Q. Barton, Accelerator

87th Brookhaven Lecture
October 22, 1969
Noise in Physical Measurements
Veljko Radeka, Instrumentation and Health Physics

88th Brookhaven Lecture
December 3, 1969
A Microscopic View of Phase Transitions
Martin Blume, Physics

89th Brookhaven Lecture
January 21, 1970
Microtubules: Organelles of the Cytoplasm Revealed by Electron Microscopy
Myron C. Ledbetter, Biology

90th Brookhaven Lecture
February 18, 1970
The Nucleus as a Spinning Top
Victor W. Cohen, Physics

91st Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1970
Do Radicals Control Our Lives? Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine
Donald C. Borg, Medical

92nd Brookhaven Lecture
April 28, 1970
Visit to a Small Virus
F. W. Studier, Biology

93rd Brookhaven Lecture
May 20, 1970
Exploiting the Parent-Daughter Relationship
Louis G. Stang, Jr., Applied Science

94th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1970
Pulse Radiolysis
Harold A. Schwartz, Chemistry

95th Brookhaven Lecture
September 23, 1970
Pathways of an Artifical Element in the Body
Harold A. Atkins, Medical

96th Brookhaven Lecture
October 21, 1970
Remembering as Humans Do: The Impact of Associative Computer Memories
Arnold M. Peskin, Applied Mathematics

97th Brookhaven Lecture
December 9, 1970
The New 30-MeV, Three-Stage Tandem Facility
Harvey E. Wegner, Physics

98th Brookhaven Lecture
January 14,1971
A Radio View of the Universe
Morton Roberts, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

99th Brookhaven Lecture
February 17, 1971
What Will the Neutron Do Next? Systematics of Neutron Reactions
Sol Pearlstein, Applied Science

100th Brookhaven Lecture
March 17, 1971
Collective Motions in Atomic Nuclei
Gertrude Scharff-Goldhaber, Physics