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Providing a fundamental understanding of molten salt bulk and interfacial chemistry underpinning molten salt nuclear reactor technology

MSEE Alumni

  • photo of Ryan DeFever
    Ryan DeFever

    Phillips 66

    Associate Scientist


    Used molecular dynamics simulations with polarizable models to predict structural, thermodynamic, and transport properties of molten salt systems and their mixtures. Developed and applied methods to compute phase equilibria such as melting points and solubilities.

  • photo of Elaine T. Dias
    Elaine T. Dias

    Goa University

    Assistant Professor


    Investigated metal ion and metal nanoparticle speciation in molten salts and their structural and electronic properties using in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Developed X-ray scattering techniques to investigate structural dynamics at metal-salt interface in molten salt environment.

  • photo of Waruni V. Karunaratne
    Waruni V. Karunaratne

    University of Iowa


    Used molecular dynamics simulations in conjunction with theoretical methods to provide microscopic level insight into the structural and dynamical processes that take place in molten salts in bulk liquid phase and at interfaces.

  • photo of William Phillips
    William Phillips

    Idaho National Laboratory

    Research Scientist


    Studied the electronic and molecular structure of transition metal and lanthanide halides dissolved in molten salts using in-situ optical spectroscopic techniques.

  • photo of Jagadeesh Sure
    Jagadeesh Sure

    Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University

    Assistant Professor

    Performed electrochemical studies to understanding the molten salt corrosion behavior of metals and alloys in different molten salts. Correlating electrochemical data with electron microscopy studies to understand the interface between metal and salt and related mechanisms.

  • photo of Fei Wu
    Fei Wu

    Lanzhou University

    Young Researcher

    Used molecular dynamics, including polarizable force fields, to investigate the structures and transport properties of molten salts with an emphasis on scattering. Explored the fate of excess electrons in molten salts using ab initio molecular dynamics techniques.

  • photo of Yi Xie
    Yi Xie

    Purdue University

    Assistant Professor

    Performed studies of irradiated metals using advanced microscope techniques to understand the radiation effects.