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2019 Workshop on Exploring New Science Frontiers at NSLS-II
2019 Workshop on

Exploring New Science Frontiers at NSLS-II

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This workshop will launch the process of identifying the next wave of beamlines at the DOE light source NSLS-II. The goals of this workshop will be to identify the current grand scientific challenges, review the ability of the current suite of NSLS-II beamlines to address these challenges, and develop concepts for world-leading capabilities and novel approaches to fill the identified gaps.

 Topics or Session Information

  • Day 1: October 21 (Stony Brook University, Charles B. Wang Center, Theater)
    • Morning: Plenary talks for overview of science areas.
    • Afternoon: NSLS-II beamline program overview.
  • Day 2: October 22 (Brookhaven Lab)
    • Morning: 2 parallel sessions grouping 3 science areas each, discussing scientific challenges and new capability needs.
    • Afternoon: 4 parallel focus sessions to sharpen science case of different science areas and technical scope.
  • Day 3: October 23 (Brookhaven Lab)
    • Morning: Report writing session, and close-out presentations.

Organizing Committee

  • Qun Shen (chair)
  • Ignace Jarrige (co-chair)
  • Juergen Thieme (co-chair).

Workshop Sponsors

NSLS-II Facility Tour

Registered participants will tour the National Synchrotron Light Source II on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. More...


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