General Lab Information

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Optical and At Wavelength Metrology Team

The NSLS-II Optical Metrology Laboratory (OML) is housed in two class 10,000 temperature controlled clean rooms (2x450 ft2) providing a dust-free environment that protects sensitive optical surfaces from contamination. There are three commercial instruments for measuring:

long spatial frequency figure errors with a ZYGO MST Fizeau-type 4’’ interferometer, capable of 0.1nm sensitivity. This interferometer can be used in grazing incidence geometry to increase the measuring field of view.

2D Slope measuring System based on a Stitching Shack Hartmann Optical Head (SSH-OH) with 50 nrad slope error accuracy over a measurement range of 8 mrad. Mirror max. length about 1500 mm.

high frequency roughness with a Nanosurf AG AFM performing at linearity better than 0.2% over the 80 um measurement area and sensitivity approaching 0.01nm.

Associated to these commercial instruments: a NOM/ long trace profiler (LTP) with 50 nrad slope error accuracy over a measurement range of 10 mrad. Mirror max. length about 900 mm.

50 mm pupil FIZEAU interferometer. This interferometer will be used to build a dedicated stitching platform for diffraction limited x-ray mirror metrology

mid spatial frequencies with an upgraded ZYGO NewView 6300 white light interferometric microscope, capable of reaching 0.1nm repeatability at a lateral resolution from 10 um to 1mm