General Lab Information

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Experimental Development Program

  • R&D Team

Facility supported R&D program is an integral part of the NSLS-II operations. The role of the R&D program is to support and foster NSLS-II leadership in the field of synchrotron science and technology. The scope of the R&D program consists of research and development activities primarily focused on detectors development, optical metrology, development of advanced x-ray optics, precision engineering and nanopositioning, theory and simulations. About 5,280 square feet of the laboratory space has been dedicated to the NSLS-II R&D effort. 7 cleanroom labs and 2 general purpose labs are available for the development of advanced x-ray optics, precision engineering and nanopositioning, and optical metrology.

Detector Group

Develop state-of-the-art novel detector systems tailored to specific experiments, coordinate and collaborate with other DOE facilities to ensure allocation of resources into strategic areas, benefiting the broader community well beyond the NSLS-II.

Optics Group

Support NSLS-II strategic objectives to establish and retain leadership in high-spatial-resolution imaging and high-coherent-flux scattering through advanced development,  characterization and integration of advanced optics and instrumentation.

Simulations Team

Support development of advanced analysis and simulation tools to enable quick feedback on optics fabrication and characterization as well as forward simulations of coherent wave propagation of combined optical effects, with imperfections, that directly influence targeted experiments.