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July 2010

Hands-on Science Draws Record Crowd

Figure 1

Marshmallow Peeps, water rockets, liquid nitrogen, and a firsthand look at what will be one of the world’s most advanced light sources attract a record-breaking number of visitors to NSLS and the NSLS-II construction site for a one-day open house. Nearly 1,190 people attended the event as part of Brookhaven Lab's Summer Sundays program.

Joint InSynC-INCREASE Meeting Brings Teachers, Professors to NSLS

Figure 2

More than 30 educators from two unique groups come to Brookhaven Lab to gain synchrotron skills for themselves and their students. Participants in the two groups — the Interdisciplinary Consortium for Research and Educational Access in Science and Engineering (INCREASE) and Introducing Synchrotrons into the Classroom (InSynC) — spent three days at NSLS to understand the basics of synchrotron mechanics, participate in hands-on demonstrations, and learn how to write a proposal for beam time.