Partner Spotlight - MIT and IBM

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Photos of partner meetings

Top: Group picture of meeting participants (Shor not pictured)
Bottom Left: Chuang leads the group in a discussion on subAsystem symmetries and quantum codes.
Bottom Right: Chuang (left) and Ritter (right) discuss applications of the Quantum Singular Value Transform

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and IBM held an in-person workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts from March 24 to the 25. Thirty-two participants attended and were organized into 12 working groups. Principal Investigators who attended include Isaac Chuang, Aram Harrow, Jesse Thaler, Phiala Shanahan, Peter Shor, Andrew Cross, Sergey Bravyi, Mark Ritter.

The workshop showcased nine short talks, which featured topics including quantum simulation of chemistry and lattice gauge theory (LGT), modularizing applications, and low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes.

This workshop signifies the deeper integration of the software thrust and multi-institutional collaboration, an important factor in thrust progress.

Follow-on discussions will include an LDPC discussion group, non-equilibrium LGTs, modular architectures, and bosonic chemistry simulations.

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