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NWQBench: A Scalable Quantum Proxy Application Suite

benchmark circuit mapping

A benchmark circuit mapping to superconducting quantum devices with respect to entanglement variance

Authors: A. Li, S. Stein, S. Krishnamoorthy, J. Ang,

arXiv: 2005.13018.

Achievement in Quantum Information Science (QIS) Science and Technology Innovation Chain

Developed a scalable Quantum Proxy Application Suite (IPID 32218) for benchmarking noisy intermediate-scale (NISQ) devices, transpilers and classical simulators.

Significance and Impact

Provides a tool for characterizing features of NISQ devices; assists development of performance metrics to estimate the compute capability of quantum devices at the application level


  • Proxy applications represent quantum numerics, chemistry, linear algebra, optimization, machine learning, etc.
  • Application templates are configurable for circuit width and depth
  • Realized in Qiskit (IBM), also mapped to OpenQASM, Q#/QDK (Microsoft), PyQuil (Rigetti), and Cirq (Google)
  • New proposed metrics: Gate Density, Retention Lifespan, Measurement Density, Entanglement Variance
  • Our opensource contribution to the community is envisioned to foster collaborations that can bridge across the DOE/SC NQIS Research Centers.

Installation of a High Cooling Capacity Bluefors Dilution Refrigerator at Yale University

Photo of cryostat

Hong Tang, Principal Investigator, C2QA

Significance and Impact

This is an important component of the fridge-to-fridge quantum link.  


  • The cryostat is custom designed to accommodate simultaneous operation of photonic and microwave circuits, which requires high cooling power
  • Mixing chamber 500mm, with base temperature reaching 8.7mK
  • Fiber-optics and quantum limited amplifiers installation in progress

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