Outreach, Education, and Workforce Development

By Diana Murphy, C2QA OEWD Leader

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Diana Murphy

On June 1, we formally announced the C2QA Postdoc-led Cross-Cutting Research Seed Funding Opportunity. The funding opportunity will be open to all postdoctoral scholars within C2QA and will provide short-term funding to initiate collaborative research ideas between C2QA’s research thrusts and provide experience in the development and execution of proposals. This initiative will be led by C2QA’s Deputy Director, Kai-Mei Fu.

On June 6, the Department of Energy’s Student Undergraduate Laboratory Internship program started. Several students were placed throughout our partner institutions to work on research projects related to C2QA’s goals. In addition, the C2QA Quantum Computing Summer School began its second year with Dave Biersach introducing undergraduate students to quantum computing by utilizing hands-on programming labs, quantum algorithms, and exposure to IBM-Qiskit. Thank you to those in the center who volunteered to be mentors and teaching assistants in these programs, which continue to build the quantum workforce of the future. Stay tuned to hear more about our other programs that will launch in August.

We continue to work with the other National Quantum Information Science Research Centers (NQISRCs) on the September 14, 2022 Virtual Quantum Career Fair that will target undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc communities. We are building on the success of last year’s event and are asking for volunteers within the postdoc, graduate, and early career communities of the NQISRCs to be moderators and panelists for these sessions. These communities went through similar experiences more recently and have a lot of best practices to share—from what to look for when applying to graduate school to how to apply for job. We are looking to launch registration on June 15 and would appreciate your support in helping to promote this event. More information to follow in subsequent communications.

For more information, please reach out to Diana Murphy (DFMurphy@BNL.gov).

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