Resource Roundup

By Elspeth McSweeney, C2QA Growth Leader

C2QA Slack Channel – now Live!

We are happy to report that the C2QA Slack Channel has been created and is available to all members of the Center. Contact Donna Cusa ( and request your invitation to join.

Google Scholar – C2QA Profile

For a quick recap of Center publications and pre-prints, please visit our C2QA profile on Google Scholar.

SharePoint/Team Site – Source of Information

To access C2QA content please visit C2QA - Home (SharePoint) or C2QA - Home (Teams). All content is maintained on the SharePoint site. The user has the option of accessing it via SharePoint or Teams based on personal preference and need. For example, during a Teams session you can screenshare content, and that option is not available if using the SharePoint interface. If you are not an enrolled member of the Center, reach out to Donna Cusa ( for access.

C2QA has its own branded templates, including a PowerPoint, virtual conference background, agenda, and poster that should be used when presenting work related to the Center. Those templates can be found here.

Access IBM Q – IBM’s Quantum Computer

For access to Brookhaven Lab’s IBM Q hub, visit the proposal website. Proposals are accepted every two months. Anyone from within C2QA can apply for access, but a valid Brookhaven Lab guest account or Scientific Data and Computer Center account is required to submit a proposal. If you have any questions, please email IBM Q Proposals.

To access Pacific Northwest National Lab’s IBM Q hub contact for more details.

C2QA Data Repository

C2QA is beginning to develop a Center-wide database architecture that will enable the cross-cutting activities as well as our co-design goals. If you would like to get involved, we are looking for data from experiments or numerical simulations to help us build a realistic taxonomy and test the schemas that we are developing. We’ve created a drop box on Teams where you can upload examples of typical data that you generate. The more data we have to work with, the better our infrastructure will be!

Also, if you are as passionate about data as we are – think about joining our data management working group!

For more information, please contact Nathan Wiebe at

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