General Lab Information

On-site Services

Badging Office

Building 400A, Research Support Building, Brookhaven Avenue - Ext. 8711
Hours: Monday thru Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please note: Guests, Users & Visitors must check-in at the Guest User Visitor Center prior to receiving a badge at the Badging Office.

For questions or badging assistance in an emergency, contact the office during workings hours. After hours, contact Police Headquarters at Ext. 2238.

The Lab site is not open to the general public, except during public events such as concerts, lectures and Summer Sunday tours.

Employees are issued photo identification cards and vehicle identification stickers, each of which must be displayed at all times and/or presented upon request by authorized personnel and/or upon entering the Laboratory.

You will be given a temporary identification card on your first day at Brookhaven. If you stay on-site you will need to use your temporary ID card as a means of identification to gain admittance to the site. (Visitors are not issued automobile stickers.)

Brookhaven This Week/Brookhaven Digest

Each Friday, the Media & Communications Office distributes two publications that contain a review of the week's important news, features, and announcements, as well as a list of upcoming events. Brookhaven This Week is sent via email to everyone with an email address and Brookhaven Digest is produced for employees without regular access to a Lab computer.

BNL Calendar of Events: BNL offers a variety of lectures, seminars, workshops, and even cultural events. These are featured on the Lab's intranet homepage the day of the event and the complete list of upcoming events, with a form to submit new event information, is available.

Email/Internet Access Kiosks

BNL has KIOSK computers in dormitory lobbies, the Guest House, and Berkner Hall/Cafeteria. All PCs connected to the BNL network have internet access. If you have an email account, you may access your email through the Office 365 Portal.

For more information regarding creating an account contact the Information Technology Division (ITD) Help Desk at Ext. 5522. E-mail and Internet access are useful for work and can also be used to a limited extent for personal business.

Laundry Service

Laundry facilities are for on-site residents only. Your apartment or dorm key will open the laundry door at Bldg 363.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at Building 363 (apartment area), and in the Curie Dormitory (Bldg 258) & Cavendish Dormitory (Bldg 153).

Apartment and Dorm washer & dryers now uses laundry cards, which are available for purchase at the Housing Office in Bldg. 400

Lost & Found

Research Support Building - Bldg 400, Staff Services, Quality of Life/BERA/Recreation Office, ext. 5090.

Personal Computer Use

This information applies to the use of Brookhaven's computers and network and all methods of access in the on-site housing areas. The U.S. Department of Energy and Brookhaven Laboratory provide guests in our housing areas with wired and wireless networking infrastructure to support The Laboratory's official business. Official business includes all authorized work connected with the, design, construction, and operation of The Laboratory, and its authorized programs in research, development, education, and associated administrative and support activities.

Apartments: To use your computer at your apartment, sign in with the password that is provided in each unit/room.
Dormitories: Wireless Access: Corus is the visitor wireless network (SSID)

Visitors should connect to Corus on campus.

More info is available on the BNL Wireless Network website or by calling the ITD Help Desk, ext. 5522

BNL Cyber Security reserves the right to deny network access to any system that has been determined to be a liability to BNL.

Research Library

The Research Library is located in Building 477 across from the Research Support Center on Brookhaven Avenue. We offer a wide selection of resources supporting the multidisciplinary research in science and technology at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Use the Research Library website to access our online resources from the BNL network, either onsite or remotely using DUO.

Visit the Research Library to browse the latest issues of popular journals in our comfortable reading area or access our print and microfilm collections. Use our study area or reserve our conference room for small group collaboration.

Our information specialists are available to respond to your specific information needs. The Research Library is open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Telephone Service

Operator-Assisted Calls

  • Credit card, third party, collect or person-to-person calls incur an additional charge for operator assistance.
  • Domestic: Dial 9 + 0 + 1 [area code, if applicable] + 7 digit phone number.
  • International: Dial 9 + 01 + the country code + city code + local phone number.

Off-Site Telephone Calls

  • The area code for Suffolk County is “631”.
  • Local Information: Dial 9 + 555 + 1212.
  • Local Calls off-site: Dial 9 + 7 digit phone number.
  • Domestic Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7 digit phone number.
  • International Long Distance: Dial 9 + 011 + country code + local phone number.

On-Site Telephone Calls

  • All phone numbers on-site begin with "344."
  • To call on-site telephone numbers, dial the four-digit extension number (example 1111).
  • Brookhaven's switchboard number is 631-344-8000. If you know the name of the person you want to speak to, but do not know the extension, you can state the name and the automated system will verify and connect you.

Dormitory Telephones

  • Provide access to on-site extensions only.
  • Provide access to 800 numbers by dialing 9 + 1 before the number.
  • Can receive off-site calls.
  • Can use phone cards for all off-site calls.
  • Compton, Curie, and Cavendish have limited telephone availability. Please inquire at the Housing Office in Bldg. 400 for availability. All apartments and the Guest House rooms have telephones.

Apartment, Efficiency, and Guest House Telephones

  • Can receive and place local and long distance off-site calls.
  • Can receive and place international calls.
  • Charges for all off-site telephone calls are the responsibility of the individual renting the unit. Telephone charges must be paid at the Housing Office, Building 400A before departure.

U.S. Post Office & Passports

Building 179B - Center Street - Ext. 2539
Post Office inquiries can be directed to the Postmaster's email at

  • Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.
  • U.S. Mail truck leaves site at 11:55am and 4:45pm.
  • Express Mail pick up is at 11:55am and 4:45pm.
  • This is a full service Post Office. The lobby is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Post office boxes are available for rent and range from $41-$93 semi-annually. Mail is delivered to Upton post office boxes by 9:30am Monday through Friday.
  • A post office box should be rented for personal mail if living on-site.
  • Upton is a Passport Acceptance Facility. Passport pictures are also available, call 344-2539 for appointment and further information.

The address for in-coming mail from off-site is:

Your Name
Brookhaven National Laboratory
c/o Your Host & Department
Building #
P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000