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Don’t buy a new desktop printer! We can save about $200 annually for each personal printer removed from service. Locate the network printer nearest to you and ask the Information Technology Division to set it as your default printer.

  1. Managed Print

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    To save money and reduce resource consumption, Brookhaven National Lab staff are encouraged to use networked printers in favor of individual personal printers.

network printer

What you can do to reduce costs and save resources

  • STOP Printing! The key to reducing costs is making full use of electronic media and printing only what is absolutely needed.
  • Don’t buy new desktop printers. Instead, locate the nearest network printer and ask ITD to set it as your default printer. A goal of 10 employees for each network printer is ideal.
  • Purchase the same network printers across your department. This can reduce the number of different maintenance contractors needed for servicing and result in fewer contracts that need to be managed.
  • If a desktop printer is required, buy the same one as others in your department so that toner replacement is interchangeable.
  • Be sure to default to double sided printing as a rule.
  • Print black and white instead of color. Each color page costs about 6-10 cents to print. Black and white printing can be as low as 2 cents per page.