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Set Thermostats Back 

In keeping with our policy to operate facilities and infrastructure in an efficient and sustainable manner, Brookhaven Lab complies with Department of Energy energy reduction goals.

Reducing energy waste and its impact on the environment requires the support of everyone at Brookhaven National Laboratory. There are many ways we can reduce energy costs, without negatively affecting our operations. One of the most efficient ways to do this is through our temperature setback policy by which we reduce the energy used for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer in buildings during unoccupied periods.

The policy provides standard indoor temperature ranges that can be expected by building occupants depending upon the season and that are consistent with policies of the Department of Energy, Brookhaven Lab's peer institutions, and industry consensus standards. This affords the Laboratory a number of benefits, including reduced energy use and cost, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and longer equipment life. It also provides the Facilities & Operations Directorate staff with a documented policy to help address indoor environmental comfort concerns.

temperature setback

Setting back temperatures during unoccupied times will save 1% to 2% of energy and energy cost per degree of setback.