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Inclusion & Diversity Council

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The EPS Inclusion & Diversity Council (L to R) Vivian Stojanoff, John Tranquada, Diane Cabelli, Michael Bebon, Stasia Scocca, Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt, Grace Webster, Michael Cowell

The Inclusion and Diversity goal of the Energy & Photon Sciences (EPS) Directorate is to create an environment within the directorate and the broader Brookhaven Lab organization where everyone comes to work every day feeling that they are an empowered and respected member of a team that can do or support great science.

Council Charter

The Council's mission is to create a welcoming, empowering, and inclusive work environment that allows ALL members of the staff an opportunity to contribute to the directions and decisions within the directorate regardless of factors such as  gender, race, sexual orientation, age, cultural background so that a diverse workforce becomes an integral part of the directorate.

Peer Counseling

The Directorate has an informal avenue that provides an alternative safe place for EPS staff to discuss concerns that might not rise to the level of the Lab’s formal complaint process that typically requires investigation through the Lab-Wide Employee Support System. Peer Counseling is for staff who would like to discuss something that is on their mind and gain some ideas and advice

Performance Goal Process

While the window is open for establishing performance goals, each member of the EPS directorate will develop their own I&D Performance Goal(s). You choose your goal and obtain your supervisor’s agreement. Your goal should be something you are comfortable with/passionate about, but it must improve the EPS Directorate I&D culture. Remember that when you choose a goal, you need to be prepared to explain at performance appraisal time what you did to achieve your goal.

Hiring Process

Knowing that hiring processes can limit diversity, the Energy & Photon Sciences Associate Laboratory Director commissioned the Directorate's Inclusion & Diversity Council to research best hiring practices consistent with Laboratory principles. Human Resources is working to improve the Lab’s hiring process to be more streamlined and reduce bias. A new Subject Area in the Lab’s Standards-based Management System is in development as of mid-2018. EPS is working with HR on this effort.

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All members of the Energy & Photon Sciences Directorate are encouraged to explore the Project Implicit website.

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    2021 Scharff-Goldhaber Prize Award Ceremony

    4 pm, Videoconference / Virtual Event

    Thursday, July 29, 2021, 4:00 pm

Inclusion and Diversity All Hands Talk

By Energy & Photon Sciences ALD Jim Misewich, May 18, 2018