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Video & Audio Conferencing

The Information Technology Division (ITD) provides several cost effective services for internal meetings or to collaborate with people outside Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). ITD's video conferencing service can save you travel time and costs when working with off-site personnel. Most users find that they can accomplish in a one to two hour video conference what would take many hours via other means.

Usage Advisory Policy

Advisory on sharing controlled unclassified information over audio or video teleconference or any other streaming resource at BNL. In order to use these resources, all BNL users MUST read the policy below and fully comply with it.

All users must adhere to the following policy:

Pursuing research often means conferring with colleagues at Brookhaven Lab and at other institutions in the United States and abroad. Sometimes these conversations include colleagues who may not have the appropriate clearance to receive research results or participate in a conversation about research or business methods. It's important to be mindful that people on the other end of a videoconference or telephone conference are subject to the same guidance and restrictions as anyone who may be sitting beside you in an on-site meeting.

The rules regarding sharing controlled unclassified information can be difficult to apply to situations when researchers or support staff on the other end of a remote conference are not available for vetting by Brookhaven Lab staff.

So if you are a coordinator of a video or audio conference, please understand that controlled unclassified information can only be shared with individuals with a confirmed need to know.

Only open research (basic or applied research intended to be published, or presented at open meetings, or that has already been published) can be disseminated to foreign nationals. Foreign national access to controlled unclassified information must be pre-approved in accordance with U.S. Department of Energy and Brookhaven National Laboratory registration requirements of the unclassified foreign visit and assignment program. Only approved systems in security areas can be used for classified video/audio conferencing by individuals with the appropriate clearance.

Brookhaven Lab has developed multiple resources in the Standards-based Management System (SBMS) and the training office in Human Resources that provide policies, procedures, and guidance on information security and the unclassified foreign visit and assignment program. It is the responsibility of anyone in a position to share this kind of information to understand these guidelines to prevent the unauthorized release of controlled information.

Virtual Events Hosted by Brookhaven Lab

BNL Hosts who are hosting a virtual event that is not open to the public should not provide remote or webcasting connection information to any participant until they have registered for the event. However, all non-U.S. citizens will need to be approved in Brookhaven Lab's Guest Information System (GIS) as well.

If this event is not open to the public, hosts must inform all remote attendees (attending virtually) that non-U.S. citizens cannot take part or listen to the webcast until they have registered for the event and were approved in GIS or have an active appointment with BNL. Registered participants should be reminded not to share their webcasting connection information.

Note: The information above are general guidelines, please contact the Guest, User & Visitor Center (, 631-344-3333) or Foreign Visits and Assignments (, 631-344-5524) to make sure you have the most accurate and updated information for your event.

Note: Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Government (BNL), and vFairs streaming platforms are the only video teleconference resources that are approved for use at Brookhaven Lab.

I have read and understand all the information stated in the policy above and I will fully comply with it. Press the button below to accept.