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Labmail is the BNL system for providing a generic e-mail address for BNL employees. This system allows people to contact registered users through an address of the form, rather than using the final destination address. The Labmail system will look up the address and determine where to forward the message. This allows employees to transparently change where they receive their mail, while maintaining the same e-mail delivery address. Learn more »

Email Archiving

To provide better email service ITD has implemented an email archiving solution at BNL. Email archiving will make our email servers run more efficiently and at the same time allow us to keep all of our email messages online without having to impose restrictive quota limits which can be counter-productive. Learn more »

Microsoft Exchange Server & Outlook Web App

ITD's Microsoft Exchange Server is used for electronic messaging, including email, shared calendars, shared public folders, and more. Microsoft Outlook Web App is a Microsoft Exchange Active Server Application that gives you private access to your Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange personal e-mail account so that you can view your Inbox from any Web Browser. It also allows you to view Exchange server public folders and the Address Book from the World Wide Web. Anyone can post messages anonymously to public folders or search for users in the Address Book.

Phone Directory Database

The directory database allows users to search based on last name, first name, 4-digit extension, email address and department. Fields returned include name, division, group, building, extension, pager, fax and e-mail address.