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Voicemail Enrollment Instructions

All voicemail users must complete enrollment. It is important to follow the auto enrollment process to the end. If the enrollment process is incomplete, the next time you access voicemail you will be sent through the enrollment process again until it is fully completed.

When you setup your mailbox for the first time, you will be prompted to record your name, record your personal greeting and change your password. The following information will assist you in setting up your mailbox.

Log into Voicemail

From your desk phone at BNL

  • Dial 4500
  • When prompted, enter your temporary PIN, which is 12345
  • Press #

From outside BNL (or another phone at BNL)

  • Dial 631-344-4500 (or ext 4500). Wait for Voicemail to answer.
  • Press # to access mailbox login.
  • Enter your ID (your 4-digit extension) then press #.
  • Enter your temporary PIN, which is 12345 then press #.

After accessing your mailbox, you will hear: "Welcome to Cisco Unity Connection! Please take a moment to personalize or update your settings. To exit, Press *." Listen carefully to the system prompts.

Record Your Name

This is NOT your personal greeting, but simply your name.

  • Follow the prompts to record a Mailbox Name (your first and last name only, no message).
  • When satisfied with your recorded name, press #. If you wish to re-record your name, simply wait and DO NOT press #. The system will prompt you to record your name again ("After the tone please record your name").

Record Your Personal Greeting

After recording a mailbox name, the system automatically creates the following standard greeting "Sorry, <recorded name> is unavailable." A personal greeting encourages callers to leave a message.

  • Follow the prompts to record a customized Personal Greeting (for example, "Hello, this is Jane Smith...").
  • To re-record this greeting, press 1.
  • To keep it and continue, press #.

Change Your PIN (password)

The system requires that you change your temporary PIN, which is now 12345.

  • When prompted, enter a new PIN (minimum 4 digits) using the keypad 0-9.
  • Press # to complete
  • Enter your PIN again
  • Press # once more to confirm

The system will now respond: “You have finished the enrollment process”.

At this point you have completed enrollment and may hang up the phone or proceed to listening to voicemail messages. You may access the voice mail system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any touch-tone phone in the world. Once you're familiar with the system prompts, you may override them by pressing a touch-tone command.