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Network Services

Network Services' purview is to provide data communications that are highly available and robust in order to facilitate and support BNL research in the physical, biomedical and environmental sciences as well as in energy technologies and national security. Working closely with our users and other IT organizations, we provide reliable, fast and secure solutions that meet the needs of the many disciplines at the Laboratory. Network Services also provides the foundation underlying the critical services within the BNL campus including phone service, security, safety and monitoring.

Our Services Include

Internet Access: Network Engineering provides BNL with secure access to the global Internet with sufficient bandwidth to meet the needs of the science mission of the laboratory. Network Engineering strives to ensure the best possible connectivity to remote collaborators around the world.

Network Connectivity: Network Engineering provides network connectivity to scientific programs and enterprise applications as well as desktop and wireless communication. Network Engineering strives to ensure uninterrupted access to all critical network applications and services such as DNS, DHCP, email and Internet for all users across the BNL campus.

IP Address and Name Resolution Management: Network Engineering allocates, assigns and manages both our IPv4 and IPv6 address space and association of names via the Domain Name System (DNS) for all BNL systems where dynamic host addressing is not appropriate.

Network Design, Construction: Network Engineering collaborates with users to design, build, and maintain data networks which meet user requirements while conforming to best practices. Ongoing monitoring and assessment of the performance and capabilities of existing networks, as well as of new technologies that become available, drive network improvements.

LAN Troubleshooting & Operation: Network Engineering performs troubleshooting of Local and Wide Area Networks and is responsible for network hardware (infrastructure) maintenance, refresh and administration. Network Engineering performs most routine changes during regular weekly maintenance windows which are Tuesday and Thursday from noon until 1:30PM. This is usually limited to minor configuration changes that do not result in any outages. Major changes usually occur off-hours. A notification is posted that outlines the planned changes.