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NOTE: please contact Rick Felter if you need to obtain copies of the individual drawings.

Summary Part Lists for Top Assembly (D1)

14060005 Summary BOM (pdf): Listing of all part numbers (in alpha-numeric order) contained within 14060005 assembly. This would include all sub-assemblies and their components.

14060005 Multi-Level BOM (pdf): An indented parts list showing all components of 14060005 contained within each level.

Individual Drawings and Parts Lists

NOTE: please contact Rick Felter if you need to obtain copies of the individual drawings.

Drawing Number Description Drawing Revision Part List Revision
12060101 Assy, Post, Fixed A B
12060102 Assy, Post, Fixed A B
12060103 Assy, Post, Fixed A A
12060108 Post, Sliding, Mach B B
12065005 Support Plate, Heat Shield F
12065030 Clamp, Post B
12065033 Spacer, Post Clamp A
12065070 Assy, Baffle B B (pdf)
12130089 Bellows Flange, Rolled B
14010018 Sheet 1 Cold Mass & Press Lk Tst B B (pdf)
14010018 Sheet 2 B
14010018 Sheet 3 B
14010088 Sheet 1 Assy, Electro-Mechanical B B (pdf)
14010088 Sheet 2 B
14010088 Sheet 3 B
14010088 Sheet 4 B
14010088 Sheet 5 B
14010265 Phase Separator Assy C C (pdf)
14060005 Sheet 1 Dipole Magnet Assembly B B (pdf)
14060005 Sheet 2 B
14060005 Sheet 3 B
14060006 Sheet 1 Dipole Magnet Assy D D (pdf)
14060006 Sheet 2 D
14060006 Sheet 3 D
14060030 Sheet 1 Vacuum Vessel Mach B B
14060030 Sheet 2 B
14060033 Heat Shield Assy (D1) Lwr A A (pdf)
14060034 Line Assy, Heat Shield A A
14060035 Head Shield, (D1) Lower B
14060036 Support Plate, Outer A
14060055 Upper Heat Shield A
14060080 Pipe Assy A A
14060103 Tube Assy A A (pdf)
14060105 Pipe Assy A A
14060107 Pipe Assy B B
14060113 Support A
14060123 Flex Hose Assy A A (pdf)
14060135 Hose Assy A A
14060142 Adapter A
14060145 Reducer A
14060147 Flex Hose Assy A A
14060153 Tube Assy A A
14060156 Clamp A
14060167 Support A
14060168 Support A
14060180 Support A
14060181 Clamp A
14060183 Anchor A
14060184 Support A
14060185 Clamp A
14060186 Tube Assy A A (pdf)
14060187 Assy, Tube A A
14060189 Anchor A
14060190 Support A
14060238 Cradle A
14060239 Clamp A
14060275 Flange A
14060276 Flange A
14130001 Vacuum Vessel Bellows A
14130011 Upper Heat Shield A
14130015 Lower Heat Shield Wldmnt A
14130017 Sheet 1 DI-DFBX Interconnect A A (pdf)
14130017 Sheet 2 A
14130017 Sheet 3 A
14130019 Cap A
14130022 Cap A
14130024 Bellows A
14130025 Persistent Ring A
14130026 Persistent Ring A
14130027 Persistent Ring A
14130028 Persistent Ring A
14130029 Persistent Ring A